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It’s been too long for the writer in me since we last came together through these words in a moment of shared consiousness.  Many inspired topics have flown through my mind like the virtual world seems to have speed up my life.  Today caused me to pause and quietly reflect on the words I had been speaking over the last weeks.  The story tormenting me to  get it out and into this message.

Many new projects have been placed before me, all inspired as a fantastic menagerie of work has kept this artist expanding.  It’s this new platform that has been opened to me and my work I speak to you.

My life work has connected me with children, children of all ages; the ones in little bodies and the larger older embodied children.  My focus to open the Artist archetype in All.  I reference the Artist, which I believe lives in us All, as a child like personality.  In the beginning the Artist can present naive and cautious peaking it’s spirit out to see if it’s safe to come out and play.  It wasn’t that many moons ago that I too was first opening up, reintroducing my artist spirt into the world after years, decades of keeping her securely packed away as my adult life explored safe grounds to set her free.


“Because I Can” One of the the first Brandi C. originals. 

Today my Artist presents rebellious to social norms that feel suppressive, empowered to claim total ownership of my expression laced with a trust caused by the surrender to my healed intuition, and symphonic conduit taking the single cords of my practice across new terrain blending patterns for bold leaps of connection through my imagination.  It is this Artist Warrior that breaths inspiration into my daily life boldly creating sacred grounds for other Artist Children to shed their shell.

One of my current projects, which moves my hands from this keyboard to brush away tears of grattitude as I write and think about this amazing opportunity, has brought me to build a space where children living in local shelters, Police Officers and Community Volunteers come together every Tuesday evening to create art.  This program has been living unknown to me in my community for the last 4 years and now as my work has prepared me it is my time to weave my wisdom into this web.  It is my Artist Warrior Mission to use the words and actions of creating art to plant seeds in the subconscious minds of these young beings, in order, to guide them into being dynamic dreamers, intentional manifestors and curious creators.  Not only do I believe I know, because my life is proof that if anyone decides to cause their dream to reality it can become truth.  i.e. Brandi Cottingham Art.  I AM a working artist not from technique but from the passion that sparked inside of me and the courage to allow it to grow!

Angela's Guiding Light

“Angela’s Guiding Light” 9×12 Mixed Media can be yours with a donation to Project Success. 

Like Jesus I believe we are carpenters of our lives needing physic and physical material to build.  It can be the biggest challenge to see life is always offering that which we need to construct the bridge into our new reality.  It is the Artist which is how I identify the sub conscious right brain core of our imagination and creativity.  It is the Yes to our logical brains No.  It is the abundance which overlays societies driven scarcity.  It is the place in us all that realizes anything is possible if we focus our minds to it.  Or better yet when we set our “Right Mind” to it.  Seeing like an artist we see material in everything.  Living outside the “Material World” ones heart feels the abundance that elevates the lack into freedom.  This week with the sheltered youth I embraced there lack of transportation and funds unlike my  weekly trips to craft stores for very obvious material.    I decide to bring them into the consciousness that does not lack these things instead it sees the abundance in every moment.  “See Like an Artist” I speak out to the room,  see the broken crayons melted like resin on your project, see the broken toys as texture on your canvas, see an old board as your canvas.  See others trash as your treasure. She the beige as brilliance and beauty.    See that your world is filled with material. And from that we start to build.  When I allow myself to “See Like an Artist” I see through the obvious and open my mind to the abundance we all equally came her to receive.  I was raised on scripture that taught me “The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth.”  It wasn’t until my Artist began to filter my perspective that I understood the wisdom of these words.   It is this wisdom that caused my wings to expand.


“Broken & Beautiful” Burlap, Acrylic & Ink on Canvas June 2014

I don’t choose to see the difference between me and the unsheltered children who share a couple hours with me each week.  Three years ago, with no proof, I leapt into putting my Artist as the full time provider for me and my children.  The first 30 days I cried myself to sleep in pain and great fear of the cliff I was jumping.  I felt without security emotionally homeless as I was entering a new world which I had no proof would shelter me and keep me and my family safe to thrive.  Three years later I could not have known the storm which would rage through my life through a health crisis and the risk I first measured become exponential.  Even with the unexpected  obstacles the learning of this wisdom, of seeing,  would be the gift-to become present.   Many moments I’ve felt sheltered from a lifestyle I use to live, scarce from the amenities I gave up to pursue this yearning welled deep in my soul.  Often feeling allienated  from loved ones who did not understand me choosing my artist life work over a “secure career”.   Yes, I still have days my logical mind measures whats not and then a need blankets my wants, until I regain my balance and see that if I see with artist eyes,  then my perspective widens as I see what’s all around me and I see the all as the exact material I need to build whatever type of bridge into my next reality!

A reality were my artist warrior builds spaces for artist children to feel safe to play with their creative expressive self.  Sharing every ounce of wisdom with their artist minds and collaborating with them to capture their expression’s into inspired pieces of work.  It is this work which will tell their story.  They might not have traditional modes of transportation but I know I can connect their heART with the heART of our community by revealing their work, exchanging their creativity for resources which will then return to them so they, these brilliant artist children can build their next reality.  Will you partner with me and see the world where bridges are built through the conduit of the creative expression?  Donations, Volunteering, Purchasing Art are just a few ways you can take an committed action to see programs like Project Success and Brandi C. Art merge the energies of Creativity into social action.  Project Success Original Art work can be seen at Brandi Cottingham Studio, Arts Google & Fort Worth Art Love Fundraiser.


Everyday I make connections with individuals and organization’s with a desire to add Right Thinking into their lives and practices. If you would like to see this work grow and be used as a powerful tool in our public schools, mental health programs, VETs, Recovery programs, sheltered youth and more decide to add your mark and be a sponsor to see this work grow into all aspects of our communities. It was Right Thinking that takes 5 fish and feeds 5000.  Donate Here its not about the amount its about the choosing.

IMG_6213 (1)

Project Success Social Outreach Program by FWPD serving local children living @ Presbyterian Night Shelter


brandi warholBrandi C. Art & Playing with Paint is committed to create individual and group experiences where art is used as a conduit to grow the participant in one moment of action. Brandi has worked with groups from 2 years of age to 500+ participants spanning 5 continents. See more collaboration pieces at

About brandicottingham

I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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  1. Brandi Creatively Cares, Carresses, and Comfort our Community 😍

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  2. Barbara Ahlquist says:

    blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } very interesting Brandi , I like you !!!

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  4. Andrew says:

    Brandi is a seer and a healer and an lover of all. I have never met any one like her–brilliant and always in action. Thank you for realizing in that action that art is social change.

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    • Much Gratitude for the light you shine on my work and the resources you continue to give to see these projects come to life. Thanks for hitting the donation button once again and finding another piece of art for your collection. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to raise an artist!


  5. Debbie Cottingham says:

    You are a wonderful writer!! It’s impressive!! Love reading your articles. You are gifted and very talented!! Xoxo Mom

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    • Those words are powerful coming from the secret society of writers on both sides of my family. The family secret, love of writing, maybe one of us needs to produce a book to set everyone free.


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