Art At Auction

IMG_7198 IMG_7200 IMG_7957 IMG_7959 IMG_7965 Finished piece will be displayed and auctioned off for funds to support The Local Food Bank.  If your interested in purchasing a copy of this piece your support will nourish outreach projects to connect with segments of our population which lack the connection to their resources.

"The Boot"

“The Boot”





Ronald McDonald House Fort Worth Red Shoe Society


“The Boot”

Collaboration 2/27/2013

2 hours 1 Facilitor 19 Generous Hearts

Cheryl McGlothlin,  Bonnie Cochran, Betty Spitzberg, Jennifer Hove, Dan Kilkenny, Joe Brown, Laura Hamilton, Elise Richardson, Julia Stellar, Cali Lancarte, Andi Goodroe, Katy Neely, Josh Gray, Lauren Haggard, Emily VanLangen, Court Goodroe, Julie Wilkinson, Al Silva and our lovely hostess Nancy Jeter

Bids taken 4/12/13 12PM by phone text 317-339-7718

Live Bidding at the Red Shoe Society Event 4/12/13 6PM Ronald McDonald House

Text your highest bid and we’ll do the bidding for  you!

 Developing my unique style has been my mission over the past 4 years.  As my style unfolds certain patterns get discarded while simultaneously others grow and develop.  One trait that has been exposed and is forever embedded in my “Style” is the art of giving.  I donate between 3-6 pieces a year.  This page is designed to share the pieces coming up for Auction.  If you see something you like please contact me or the charity to place your bid!

Online Prebidding and buy-it-now begins 10-11-11

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