Behind the Scenes

"Wellness Speaks"  Dallas May 2014

“Wellness Speaks”
Dallas May 2014

"Summer Camp"

“Summer Camp”


I Scream You Scream I Dallas TX

I Scream You Scream I

I Scream You Scream II Dallas TX

I Scream You Scream II


“Googled” Arts Google 2014


“What’s Buzzing at the Amon Carter”


Memorial Weekend Community Art project Brandi C. Studio


“You Are Here” June 2015 Community Art Project Brandi C. Studio


pArty in West7th community art project June 2015


West 7th street pARTy. Community Art project.

Name Change????????

Step 1 Chaulk on canvas.  ETA…..don’t know? I have the concept in my head with sculpting paint, oils and acyrlics.   I see layers with lots of drying time between.  Will it be a full term baby?  Birthed by Gallery Night 2011??  Don’t KNOW.

No Name

Step 2 add the blanco!


Step 3. Start defining the framework.


Step 3. Framework Complete!  Let dry? Pray Step 4. comes before 2012!

Play On
June 2012

Step. 4 Find my way back to my studio…..Find unfinished painting and add color!! More Dry time.


Strung Out-
Added Silver Foil for details. Dragging feet and brush to finish the Strings.



Go Frogs.




This guy has been sitting around the studio all summer.  In honor of my son who attends Starpoint at TCU. I decided to create a painting that is turning out to look like squashed grapes on canvas with Soft Scrub to clean it up!! My original concept went bust.  SO I’ll keep staring at this mess waiting for the break in my creativity to expose something worth looking at!  Hopefully it will come before football season!

Fast Forward 6 months……….You still may say the soft scrub never quite cleaned up the squash grapes effect.  I called in another professional Chad Isham who added a couple of pieces of his flare and then tossed it back to me like a hot potato to finish the job.  Goodbye little Horn Frog off to Auction you go to bring the joy you eluded me in your new home and family who bleeds purple!

I’ve Been Frogged
Collaboration Chad Isham & Brandi C.
Funds for Starpoint School TCU

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