Charitable Donations

BeArtSee is a Non Profit established to serve the community through the conduit of artistic expression. Transforming the HeARTS of our clients by building conscious creators, dynamic dreamers and intentional expressers. Programing also is for all who choose to become an agent of change through the creative expression! BeArtSee Studio is located in the cultural district of Fort Worth. The studio is a place for all to come and be an artist for a moment. Community collaboration pieces, individual work and group projects are conjunctly being created in studio. The walls are used to share local artist work. Sales of art work go toward funding BeArtSee Non Profit. To Be apart of this story add a donation and come visit us- BeArtSee Studio 827 Currie St., Fort Worth, TX 76107 317-339-7718 EIN# 81-4051561


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  1. Jen K. says:

    Lots of love!!


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