brandi warholIn 2007 Brandi Cottingham (Brandi C.) picked up a paint brush and has never looked back. Paint and canvas are the vehicles through which Brandi enjoys conveying her authentic self and creative spirit. Starting as play time with her son Logan, painting has grown from a passionate hobby, tool for healing into her life work. Brandi’s first series “Self Expression,” was born in 2008 and found its home in Michael’s restaurant, located in the Arts district of Fort Worth, where it still hangs today. Brandi’s art is described as “Whimsical With A Punch.” Much to the delight of the viewer, her paintings are like mirrors, reflecting back themes of everyday life. Known for her use of symbols and hidden messages, Brandi is continually evolving through her art. It is important to Brandi to live in her own outer limits, always looking for expansion by choosing an array of subject matters and continually developing new techniques while refining her current style. Brandi credits her intimate friends and family for being that spark of inspiration that lights the creative genius within and to her children Logan and Sydney for the daily reminders to play and have fun!

Brandi’s offers painting experiences with Pop uP Studio across Texas, Indiana and beyond. During which she describes herself as a “Mid-Wife of Creativity” where she guides the participants to free themselves through accessing their inner creativity. Brandi designs and facilitates programing to Schools, Outreach programs, Corporate Development and private clients!

2013 Brandi accepted a role on the Fort Worth Arts Council Board of Directors using her voice as an artist and advocate to integrate Art and Culture into all aspects of Community. She believes that canvas and paint are metaphors for life, saying, “During the dance of applying paint to canvas, I find myself intimately raw and real”. “The idea of social change occurs with one action of change.” Using her work as a platform to create patterns of change through participating in the spirit of collaboration. “My paintings are like guide posts, reminding me that my life’s story is always churning out inspiration and I get to choose the meaning from each turn in the road, the part of each story that propels me into my next courageous moment!”

IMG_8550 IMG_8573 IMG_8731 IMG_1923 IMG_8340 IMG_8075 IMG_6874 Art Show Vineyard 4-11 #2 brandi-paint-class-311d3

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  1. Barb says:

    Brandi. This is like looking at a photo of you. I can see you so well. Good job !!!!!!!!!


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