Mr. Manana
Sold Yesterday

"Chirpy" Ink, Pigment, Mud on Canvas

Ink, Pigment, Mud on Canvas

Lip Service Now lIves at Dr. Jeff Hantes Office Fort Worth, TX

Gi Gi’s Horse

Flag Series 2010

SOLD  Auctioned Windridge


Auctioned off for Heartlight

Mr. Take Out-SOLD

"Purple Passion"

“Purple Passion”

Sold to the Girl in Broadripple, IN

Unknown“My Cup Runneth Over”

Found it’s home in IN

65 Roses


SOLD-To Rose Bud

The Sun Rises

B’s Garden Series 2009

SOLD  Actioned FUMC

Peek A Boo

Sold Auctioned Lilly B’s

Party for Two



August Bloom

Alive and Flowing
Auctioned Proceeds Benefit Camp Fire USA

Bare One’s Cross

2008 Sold

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