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City Mom Country Dad


Brandi and her son Logan published a book named “City Mom Country Dad” to celebrate everyone’s unique story through the celebration of Logan story as a child with parents who choose to live in different homes while sharing the goals of parenting.   Everyone’s story is different and everyone’s story is perfect just the way it is when one decides to grow and focus ones logic on what is right and the possibility of everyones unique story.  Read this book as the beginning of a dialogue with yourself, your children or a group that is working towards building a perspective of using ones reality  as an opportunity to live a life which thrives and grows always embracing what is true in the world we’ve created.  Today Logan is a teenager and Brandi is a full time artist facilitator and social activist.  A new story has been created since this book was first printed.  It was embracing this story which lead Logan and Brandi into their future reality.  Crafted from a simple time with the unknown lurking over head it was the full embrace which shed light on a path that would reveal a future adjourned with manifested dreams.

Proceeds of our book will go towards reaching young people through opening their minds eyes to “see like an Artist sees” through the BeArtSee Non-Profit which uses the labor of Art for social action.  Be our partner, become part of our story and we’ll become part of yours!  Enjoy a copy for you and give as gifts inviting others to be apart of this moment embracing the beauty in you to embrace the beauty in others.

You can purchase it now at:

City Mom Country Dad

2017 Book Tour is being launched.  If you have a group or organization who would benefit from Brandi C. and Logan reading to your group and delivering a session on telling ones story through the lens of possibility.  Please contact us at Contact Brandi

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  1. Ok, if I didn’t already, I think I’d fall in love with you instantly. Your art has matured and intensified and as I am now an “American Picker” in my new carreer, I see beautiful art every day and yours is up there with the best. Great job.

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