I’ve been on an intriguing adventure this month exploring the power of Dreams.   It all began that one day in my life when I realized I’d had many sad days and the most sad thing I concluded was that I had stopped dreaming.  Piled under my “To Do List”,  life’s complications and conflicts my poor little dreams where being suffocated as I carelessly focused all energy on surviving the next sad moment.

So what’s a flawed dreamweaver to do?  I started exploring my dreams, your dreams,  anyone who was willing to share with me an intimate longing for the next dream yet to be fulfilled.   As I searched deep down under the rubble for yet a bigger dream, a deeper dream any dream and  all the ones that I buried so long ago I started to see the power.  The Power of Dreaming.  Dreams are the first moments of a new reality.  The very first conscious awareness of an unwritten chapter that can be our next present moment in time.  It’s in our dreaming we start to create and open the door to our own creativity as our subconscious minds begin building on the emotion and ideas until we manifest it all into physical life.  When I disconnected from my dreams I felt dead and now as I start to allow those dreams to swirl around  I’m getting excited about what I’m dreaming, I feel alive.  The same ole “To Do List” sit’s on the cornerstone of my everyday life but today I make that trip to school, as I hit the grocery store just after my last pose in yoga with my dreamweaver strongly charged and brilliantly creating.  A new chapter starts to be written as the adventure of life takes another turn.

Cheers to you my dreaming buddies I’m excited to come visit you as your dreams start to unfold.  I’ll be purchasing some organic produce from the farmer gal down the street, visiting my friends farm in France,  seeing families reunited and new business’s get started.  I’ll be getting post cards from favorite vacation spots

Susan G.

and phones calls that friends are in good health.

Rosemary R.

Rings will be exchanged, children will behave, vintages will sell out and peace will be felt.  Joy will flow again and laughter will be heard as the dreamweavers turn on the magic of how life can transform through the creation of ones dreams.  Me and Martin had something in common… I too have a Dream!  What’s Your Dream?

About brandicottingham

I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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