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Where are you Brandi C. Art?

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Public Summer Art Camp Dates

It’s an ART smash! Summer time in the studio is designed for young artist 6-18. Each session is designed to have an original process AND and open studio component. Choosing to work in their own pace and style to create … Continue reading

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Fort Worth Spring Gallery 2019

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4 The Love of being in the Game

In the past I’ve entered this expression of blogging because something was gnawing deep inside to get out and be shared. A specific experience, story or “ah-ha” accompanied with an urge to be acknowledged through words. Today, it’s as if … Continue reading

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The End of the Beginning

Drinking my last cup of coffee in 2017 is the end of this daily ritual for this year.  The time I contemplate the ideas and dreams of future moments.  I’m committed to this ritual and know that tomorrow, the first … Continue reading

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Crafting a New Reality 

  For those of you who have been in earshot you’ve heard my tales about the young people who I have been blessed to enter my life and studio. Broken, underserved, defeated, scared, angry, confused, abandoned and homeless with slight … Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror on The Wall

After 120 hours of summer art camp focusing on becoming being dynamic dreamers. Brandi C and her new young artist campers take a small dream and scale it into a large reality! Continue reading

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From My Perspective

There was a time in my young artist life that I used the act of creating  art for emotional therapy.  What was designed for fun became an expression of release.  I found a therapeutic experience happening with each visit to … Continue reading

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Giving 2’s Day

    With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind today is Giving Tuesday.  As I sat and sifted thorough my inbox I decided on my own invitation.  It takes 2 for an exchange. My invitation is for us to make … Continue reading

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Cross My Heart And Hope To Fly

Works from Project Success Young Artist Art Love Event  If you’ve been in ear shot you’ve heard me preach about the amazing experience Tuesday nights at The Cop Shop has brought into my life.  It’s no secret my belief … Continue reading

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