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I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!

STEAM Inspired Art & Craft Camp Summer 2021

FWISD Master Teacher Lori J. & Artist Facilitator Brandi C. join together to present a summer space where young people can grow socially, emotionally and academically through an immersion of STEAM incorporated through fun and creative projects that will be … Continue reading

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Where are you Brandi C. Art?

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Public Summer Art Camp Dates

It’s an ART smash! Summer time in the studio is designed for young artist 6-18. Each session is designed to have an original process AND and open studio component. Choosing to work in their own pace and style to create … Continue reading

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Fort Worth Spring Gallery 2019

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4 The Love of being in the Game

In the past I’ve entered this expression of blogging because something was gnawing deep inside to get out and be shared. A specific experience, story or “ah-ha” accompanied with an urge to be acknowledged through words. Today, it’s as if … Continue reading

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The End of the Beginning

Drinking my last cup of coffee in 2017 is the end of this daily ritual for this year.  The time I contemplate the ideas and dreams of future moments.  I’m committed to this ritual and know that tomorrow, the first … Continue reading

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Crafting a New Reality 

  For those of you who have been in earshot you’ve heard my tales about the young people who I have been blessed to enter my life and studio. Broken, underserved, defeated, scared, angry, confused, abandoned and homeless with slight … Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror on The Wall

After 120 hours of summer art camp focusing on becoming being dynamic dreamers. Brandi C and her new young artist campers take a small dream and scale it into a large reality! Continue reading

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From My Perspective

There was a time in my young artist life that I used the act of creating  art for emotional therapy.  What was designed for fun became an expression of release.  I found a therapeutic experience happening with each visit to … Continue reading

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Giving 2’s Day

    With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind today is Giving Tuesday.  As I sat and sifted thorough my inbox I decided on my own invitation.  It takes 2 for an exchange. My invitation is for us to make … Continue reading

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