“Mr. Take Out” Becomes “Mr. Take to IN”

“Mr. Take Out”
Cottingham Realty
Greenwood, IN

“Mr. Manana”
Mask Series 2008

 “Mr. Take Out” finds his destiny flies him to Indiana.  I should have added goose bumps on him as that’s what I have when I think of the inspiration that birthed him and recognize those first seeds were planted when I too called IN home.   “The Mask Series” is a group of paintings which have received mucho attention from the very beginning when “Mr. Manana” hit the public eye.  My life is full ironic measure when I play back the moments which brought me here, “Mr. Manana” was painted in Indiana to live in Texas and “Mr. Take Out” while painted in Texas was spotted by a Hoosier who just needed some time to find the perfect Indiana wall.

The Mask Series was and is inspired by the idea of the mask I’ve seen myself and other’s wear to cover up ultimate true self.  “Mr. Take Out” is about the outer band of mask shown to the public eye.  It’s the mask which adapts to its surroundings because of the fear ones true self-will be rejected or alienated from others.  Have you ever covered your true thoughts and feelings up with a false front in order to go along with opinions and beliefs of others?   Gave up on your truth in order to belong to something outside of your self?

I have a belief that we all have an artist that resides within us.  My “Artist Magic” expresses itself in its own oneness and unique speak.  My art will grow and become rich with wisdom and technique with every mask I remove as I connect with the pure creative energy that I entered this world.   “Mr. Take Out” represents the mask which is comprised by fear and longing to be loved.  Which in turn is the message the mask tells to others only to attract back into itself and perpetuate constant fear and alienations of truth.   Pushing Love away into a future always at bay.

For me the journey has been to turn my inside’s out.  To shed the inauthentic mask’s of my outer life and fearlessly show the world expressions of my truth.  The simple task of connecting with my instincts.  Letting go of the voices outside of me telling me what my beliefs, opinions and life choices should be.   It is each person’s foot print to know their own knowing.  A wolf does not wear the mask of a bear.  A cat is a cat and a dog is a dog.  It’s the confusion promoted when we believe we’re the ugly duckling and yet our birth right is be a swan.

I haven’t traveled this path alone as “Mr. Take Out” was accompanied by two of my favorite mask shedding super fun “Wind Beneath My Wings” gal pals.   They’re the friends who show up when the mask has been removed and the raw you is exposed.   They bought my first paintings, endlessly promote my unclaimed gifts, they hold my hand, wiped many tears and continue to be the gutsy broads who courageously march to the beat of their own drum!  And if your lucky like me you’ll find yourself “belly laughing” at 5am and realizing the fortune spent at the make up counter just washed away as the tears of laughter spilled out while sharing my life openly and freely with companions who celebrate the truth behind the mask and beauty of my own unique being, which used to be held so tightly inside, gains light and the transparency becomes the only mask worth wearing.    Love and Laughter~Brandi C.   

About brandicottingham

I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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2 Responses to “Mr. Take Out” Becomes “Mr. Take to IN”

  1. Raymond says:

    That is Good Stuff (growth, life, wisdom)!
    Your Bro-in-Law


  2. debbie says:

    Amen Sister!! I am glad he found his Hoosier Home…..
    xoxo Mom


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