Eat Paint Love

Artistic expression can be found wherever the viewer decides to look.  A good friend introduced me to The Community Food Bank and I was blessed to be shown how they express their love and commitment to our community.  Everyday Rudy and Regena Taylor, their team of volunteers and staff take what looks like waste to some, retired food products, VHS Tapes (yes they have a use) and all the other discarded, expired and no longer loved items from our community.   With open  hearts and arms they take it all in and do their magic.  Just like my reclaiming art projects they start every day taking our trash and transforming it into someone’s treasure.

After my first visit I was drawn back to the unusual wonderland and the people who give it heart.  I then introduced my son Logan who at 10 years old has found a new passion spending his Saturday mornings assisting Mr. Rudy in the daily tasks.

Wednesday Community Art Project.  Start with nothing.

Wednesday Community Art Project. Start with nothing.

Rudy and Regena also wear the Starving Artist cap as Rudy vacillates between getting their trucks filled with food,  unloading through the back door just in time as the receivers line up at the front door.   Those in line are families of our community, who have many stories of why they desire to eat that day.  One may find Regena in the office raising funds to keep the staff paid, refrigerators cold and these days raising funds for the repairs to the building which houses this amazing operation.

I love Regena and Rudy for the role they play in our community.  Because they take the expired, unwanted foods from our local stores we benefit by reduced prices for our products, if all these

Take What Inspires.

Take What Inspires.

items became a loss for the store and went into a dumpster we would pay the extra in food cost.  They transform our waste which would be an additional cost to us and turn it into the next meal for those who because of job loss, illness, fear, or trauma are hungry and praying for food.  Having Rudy and Regena  on watch,  every child in our community and  their pets get fed today!

I have so many more words I could share about why I pray for the mission of this magical place.  It feels sharing would be a more

Start to build a master piece!  Will you collaborate with me to create this masterpiece?

Start to build a master piece! Will you collaborate with me to create this masterpiece?

powerful expression.  Will you come and explore with me, paint with me, eat with me and fall in love with our Community Food Bank?  September 19th at 6  I’ve created an evening where by your act of giving you too shall receive!  Regena and Rudy would like to feed  you and host you and share their life work.

Each participant will leave with a new original piece of art and the opportunity to collaborate on the Community Soup Painting which will be auctioned to raise funds for the Community Food Bank!

Let’s Eat and Paint while expressing our love for this amazing organization and the expression they be!  TGIF-Brandi C.

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Logan & Mr. Rudy Community Food Bank Spring 2013

Logan & Mr. Rudy
Community Food Bank Spring 2013

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