“60 Diamonds” Revealed at RCC


"60 Diamonds"  36x48 Acrylic & Ink on Cavas 60+ Artist & Brandi C. April 2014

“60 Diamonds”
Acrylic & Ink on Cavas
60+ Artist & Brandi C.
April 2014

PoP UP Studio found itself at Ridglea Country Club capturing the spirit and story of a Fort Worth Tradition.  The painting “60 Diamonds” captured symbols from current club members who help tell the visual story of why country clubs are bigger than it’s amenities or famous desserts.  These clubs live to house community, build relationships and be the platform for members and their guests to come together and celebrate sharing life.

IMG_8252 IMG_8254 IMG_8362 IMG_8255 IMG_8256

Ridglea is celebrating 60 years of being the home where memories are made.  As I looked out of my temporary studio for the night,  I glance at the very pool my own daughter learned to swim, where she courageously jumped off the diving board into the deep waters and felt her first feelings of victory over fear.

This night in April was a celebration, as the band sang, people danced, spirits poured and viewers became the artist for the moment to capture the meaning of membership, group, family and community.  As the night unfolded “60 Diamonds” was revealed and so too it’s new ownerIMG_8361.  By evenings end a live auction announced a winner of who would house our story for another 60 years.

With all Pop UP Studio experiences  the evening is only one part of the entire process.   My work as an artist is added in the quiet spaces of my studio as I finalize and bring the individual stories together as a fluid tale.



Mr. Scott finds his brush strokes as an artist and now the owner of “60 Diamonds”

IMG_8257 IMG_8340 IMG_8341 IMG_8343

Thank you to all those who collaborated in “60 Diamonds”, sharing your creativity as you entered the studio and generously shared a piece of your story with me.

Where will Pop UP Studio be next…….maybe you have a group or organization who would like to capture a visual story.  Yes we are booking weddings too.





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