The End of the Beginning

Drinking my last cup of coffee in 2017 is the end of this daily ritual for this year.  The time I contemplate the ideas and dreams of future moments.  I’m committed to this ritual and know that tomorrow, the first day of 2018, will start in the same pattern yet the contemplation piece will be adjourned with the new essence of 2018.  I see imagination and creativity as a tool; It moves like a swirl staring tight in the center like a dot and with every cycle it reaches further out from source into new space.  The energy is still connected to the center but with each rotation an expaned path is carved.  It’s an important quality for those of us who choose to live a life of expansion and creation.


“The Barn At Bayhorse Inn” Grand Opening Fall 2016 Greenwood, IN

I belive energy is like river water.  It doesn’t want to flow where it’s already been, it wants to move and roll across new landscape, through virgin rocks constantly moving. Even in the slightest pool the keen eye can capture the constant flow of the water in a river bed, it’s how a river thrives and becomes a ecosystem  full of life.


BeArtSee young artist designed, created and sold  work to create collage funds, generate income for basic necessity and become contributors to their household and community.

2017 marked the 10th year of my quest to become an artist.  As I write these words I can say this dream carved out my imagination has become the reality for myself, my work and has become the truth for my life story.  10 years ago I had few people who agreed with my artist dream.  Today it is how those around me know me.  When my idea started it was like a dot in my consciousness and with every moment that I believed in that dot it started to swirl.  That one declaration has now circulated around in my consciousness for hundreds of morning coffee rituals.  The dream has grown and enlarged into space.  Places 10 years ago I did not know my thoughts and ideas would spiral out into the world.  That first dot seemed so weird for people around me and honestly myself too.  I’ve learned to embrace the weirdness of me and  what feels outside “The Box” becomes the parameters of the next box that will in time become the center when new ideas pull the box or spiral further out.  As my perspective enlarges to match my thinking my physical world aligns with my thoughts and new realities are birthed.  In my life there will always be the next “Weird Thoughts” the ones hard for the others to understand.  Yet embracing whats different had me embrace my uniqueness which was the quality that lead me to my life work.


Brandi Cottingham Studio became BeArtSee Studio- every weekend open studio is offered for young artist and the community to connect through the labor of making art! 


“70” Birthday Celebration for Max Fort Worth, TX

10 years ago that first thought was the seed that brings me to this cup of coffee today, 3650 days later, contemplating the gratitude of all those who have shared in my dreams becoming reality and that reality being shared with the small little section of the world I live.

I know now the power of my imagination! And I know that today the generosity I feel for you and the role you have played in placing your attention with mine on these dreams. Gratitude for my next ideas crafted out of the same imagination being launched into the world in a powerful energy that will spiral and grow for the next 10 years!


Sales of art from BeArtSee Studio fund outreach programs, fund local artist and merge the collector with the artist! 

I graciously and with full appreciation look into the year of 2017 and see all the people, places, ideas, conversations and experiences that inspired me!  All those tough moments shrouded by conflict, dynamic situations, shredded emotions and obstacles that became the fuel for my personal and professional growth.   All those serendipitous occurrences when life felt mystical and translated beyond the logical mind.


I graciously and with full appreciation look into the year of 2018 and again I see all the people, places ideas conversations and expierences that will inspire me!  All those tough moments shrouded with conflict, dynamic situations, shredded emotions and obstacles that become the fuel of my personal and professional growth.  All those serendipitous occurrences when life is mystical and takes me beyond my logical mind.


FaceBook Grand Opening Perot Ranch North Fort Worth, TX 300 participants.



Launched Non Profit BeArtSee as an Art Outreach organization using the labor of art for social change. 

Thank you for connecting with me.  Sharing life with me.  Seeing this work exist in the world.  2018 is going to be an amazing year!  If you feel inspired to be apart of connecting with others through the artist work.  Support the funding of social action through the creation of community art projects.  Want to see the life of a young person transformed through My Community My Child projects through Non Profit BeArtSee.  Please connect with me, donate and share my work with others.


Young Artist spent summer excavating the artist inside of them releasing the trauma and embracing the strengths of their unique life story!  Collaboration with The Community Food Bank. Fort Worth, TX 


BeArtSee CommunityArt Camp 2017 over 1200 hours of art camp given to undeserved children in Fort Worth.

Have a cup of coffee with me dream with me.  If one naive young dreamer from the Mid West can birth her dreams into reality than what can you do with one thought?  Make it become a wave which becomes a frequency which becomes a particle of reality!  And then you find the magic of the universe that the end is just the beginning of the next amazing happy ending which is the next beginning…Cheers!

BeArtSee is a Non Profit organization using the labor of art for social change.  BeArtSee Studio is located in the Crockett Row Development at 827 Currie St., Fort Worth, TX 76107 through the collaboration of local Fort Worth Artist Brandi Cottingham & Vestar Development for Carlyle/Cypress West 7th LP.

Please become part of the story being told through this work by making a charitable contribution through this link Donate.  Small expressions make big impressions!  Please forward & share our story.

Brandi Cottingham Lives in Fort Worth, TX she is a mother, facilitator, speaker, writer and artist with a focus on using the creative mind as a powerful tool for creating the life of ones greatest dreams.  Brandi travels across the United States designing Corporate team building, Community Art Projects,  Weddings, Parties and individual consulting using Art as a metaphor for her powerful messages.   To book Brandi for your event contact her at brandicottingham@me. com.
brandi warhol

About brandicottingham

I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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    blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } You are so sweet , I love seeing you and talking to you .  You have awesome children .  Have a wonderful New Year 🎀

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  2. paula mcmillen says:

    Brandi, What a great way to live life!  I love your blogs and seeing all that you are doing.  My best to you always. Paula McMillen WilliamsonEXECUTIVE DIRECTORKINDERPLATZ OF FINE ARTS817-207-0660

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