Tooty Fruity! Living a Fruitful Life

The Price of Hospitality Grocery List 2011

Has anyone seen  my passion?  My inspiration?  Tripped over my very essence of creativity and fun?  Sometime’s I think it all get’s burdened and weighted down by a big mountain of a rock I call “Being a Grown Up!”  Or at least my version of what being a mother, friend, queen (and King) of my household, PTA member, daughter, chauffeur, gourmet chef ( I mean short order cook as my daughter says “burger, fries & chicken please” like those are the staples of her diet), cheerleader, dishwasher and grocery getter!  I’m already exhausted!  ugh Or am I?

Grocery List 2008

I look up on the walls and see paintings, my very own creative expression, and see my life before me.  A critic recently commented “A Four- Foot Banana” like he was saying my artful expression wasn’t serious enough for his complex palette.   If it’s good enough for Warhol and the Violent Femmes and frankly friends at the time I painted Mr. Banana I wasn’t thinking of Andy,  I was thinking about feeding my family (something other than “Burgers, Fries, Chicken”) and the banana bounced off my grocery list and became the inspiration of my new body of work!

Eve's Apple Grocery List 2011

A four- foot banana, grapes, apple (that looks like a pumpkin) and huge grapefruit.  All these simple expressions of my everyday life.  Each with it’s own story of how it became a significant symbol of a past memory!

Which brings me to a very important question…What is a mother, spouse or parent (whatever title you give yourself) to be if one get’s lost in the duty of our everyday life?  I say climb that mountainous Rock and claim it for what it is…..our life!  My life!    We can dream about vacations, retirements, and a life that is someplace in the future, or we see what is fruitful about today!    Be like Elton, take out those Cherry Red glasses and see, what might have become dull and gray, be painted over with a splash of color!

October brings our last painting class of 2011.

(Private bookings available upon request)

Chad Isham

To celebrate the fun and creativity we’ve shared I’ve invited a new friend.  Known around town as a “Artist/Cowboy” Chad ISham.  Chad is an accomplished artist, daddy, friend, chauffeur, gourmet cook… we’ll you get the point.  Chad’s also logged in time as a scenic artist on PBS shows Barney and Wishbone (ask him about his Emmy).   After a five-year hiatus he’s back in studio creating his next body of work (I’ve had a peak and it’s fantastic!)  The best part… he also paints fruit!

Isham Pineapple 2002

Just like me I’ve found an artist soul friend who finds inspiration in his everyday life.   Chads will be on hand to give a more technical approach to painting on canvas.  As usual I’ll flit around and remind you “it’s your painting and I’m not giving you my answer” but I’ll sure help bring your expression to canvas.  Come early, take your B Vitamin and paint late.   Take this last opportunity to capture what is amazing and inspiring about you and your life.  Allow Chad and I to help facilitate an evening of fun, creativity, inspiration and passion!  What are we painting?  Of course a big bowl of fruit!

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I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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4 Responses to Tooty Fruity! Living a Fruitful Life

  1. Raymond says:

    That is a great view of Reality! We are to live in today and be fruitful (fruity)! I seem to hit and miss often.


  2. Barb Ahlquist says:

    Looks like fun, I wish I lived there I would join you. Good job !!!


  3. Taya says:

    Thaank you for writing this


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