Tis The Season of Creation

As the final chapter of 2011 exposes the conclusion of what I describe an undulating year, the remaining moments ebb and flow in what feels like being in an enormous sling shot as I’m projected into the New Year.  But, before I go flying into the next moments of life,  (without a net) I breath.  A trip to my art studio shows unfinished paintings, commission jobs I’ve committed, finished pieces waiting for the last stroke of detail and blank canvas’ already speaking out the next new series.  The room screams out “Where have you been said committed artist?”  The feelings of guilt start if invade my peaceful nature as words like lazy, procrastination, uncommitted, weak and irresponsible flash before my mind’s eye.  I quickly retreat, from the pained sight of unfinished work,  to the car to find my children singing made up lyrics to familiar Christmas song’s blaring from the radio (mom left car volume up) “Fa Lee’s my Dad, Fa Lee’s my Dad, Fa Lee’s my Dad, Po pa a fleece for my dad!”

Happy Holidays 2011

My amused state by made up lyrics gives freedom to my troubled question… have I’ve been cheating on my art with another love affair?  Not giving my craft the energy it deserves to grow and expand? or maybe I’ve been planting seeds of creativity for the next great harvest?  I choose the latter.

Speaking of holiday tunes December is many things to many people.  For me it’s a time we celebrate creation.  Creativity flows through our communities and homes as we adorn our lives with beauty and express ourselves by giving dressed up gifts to those we love.   I’m in full-blown celebration of creativity, not in my craft with my favorite brushes and paint, but with my family in my home.   My neighbors nativity scene sheds light on this artful time to celebrate all the morsels and moments of creativity as we birth new ideas, beliefs and relationships.    How fantastic to see those moments of creativity when we breathe life into our ideas with words and then expand those words with action and see our creativity turn into the present!  A present to ourselves and those who share our unique life journey.  When our dreams become reality and an undulating year gives the present of all the ways we created throughout the year!  Celebrate with me living a life of intentional creativity.   If your like me creativity will be shown in decorating for the holiday season, fun ways to serve old boring dishes at dinner, juggling all the defined balls of daily life and mostly how to merge my responsibility of the physical world with my desire to lose myself with paint and canvas!    Being a creative woman I have faith I’ll find myself in 2012 wearing many beautiful hat’s!  I draw upon the story of the Celtic priests who re-ignited the sun by burning evergreens on December 25th and I turn on my Christmas lights and thank all who inspired me and re-ignited my spirit, you who is reading this, courageous souls who came to “Playing with Paint, to all my friends who keep the light of creativity burning as a core value to their life!  I look forward to 2012 and all the ways we will weave ourselves in and out of each others lives.

I raise my glass (Of Red Wine created by my best gal pals at The Vineyard in Florence)

Cheers From my abundant creative spirit to yours!!!

Love and Laughter~ Brandi C.

Campfire Gallery Night 2011


About brandicottingham

I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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4 Responses to Tis The Season of Creation

  1. Amie Brooks says:

    How great you all look! I can’t believe how big S is and L is a little man now!! We’ve got to catch up and learn the MANY changes we’ve had this past year. Have a wonderful, peaceful holiday!


  2. Kris Manzke says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my dear friend! I’d like to buy the big flower painting that’s showcasing at Michael’s when it is available.


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