The Art of Supporting The Arts!

Does Art live in your community/lifestyle because you believe it deserves to thrive?  Do you desire your life to be adjourned with beauty, accessorize by original hand crafted items by local artisans?  When reviewing your retirement objections does investing in Art get a piece of  your wealth graph pie?

Fallen Tree Becomes  Table
Designed and Built by Chris Cottingham Owner Urban Logging Company




This blog post is for everyone who believes in the value of all Art living and growing in our communities!!  I believe that if we all choose to intentionally promote, invest and cherish our local artisans

Locally Crafted Wine by The Vineyard at Florence
Photograph by  Mallory Leitzman

we  demonstrate the importance of keeping The Arts alive in our schools, lives and communities.  In turn  balancing out the over stimulated consumerism our country is currently plagued, which is forcing budget cuts in our personal homes, schools, communities and nation.  What a cycle!

Let me paint a picture with my words.

Desserts by Logan F. age 9

As a mother with young children I see the importance of developing these brilliant minds through music, dance, painting, pretending and inventing.  All become nutrients into the rich soil where  the next generations of leaders grow.

“La Calaca”by Chad Isham
recycled house paints and stains

As an artist I see the children of the past now grown actively working their craft.  I also see some “starving” to share themselves to be seen and to find homes for amazing creations.  Fighting the guilt of a “regular job” and questioning when to hang up the dream of being a craftsman, artist, or renaissance liaison to the future.  Searching for feedback that what they create matters and will be received.

As an investor I weigh the return of my dollar going into the stock market, which seems to be an art form itself crafted by magicians and sorcerers,  expanding my plan of diversification into also intangible returns.

How it all weaves together in a beautiful tapestry……As I  invest in art as a lifestyle my children

Bathroom countertop 
Concrete and Reclaimed Iron Designed by Brandi C.
Craftsman Tony Wood Owner Tex Crete

are incubated in creative spirit, magically activating their personal creativity.  It has become a non negotiable item in our budget permanently endowed for the next generation.  Once I made Art a demand into our life Art became something we find in many aspects of our daily routine and not always something with direct relations to our financial budget.   For instance, my son  Logan uses his creativity through problem solving and designs  deserts that both mom and child can agree is healthy and delicious!

Design and Creation
by Logan F.

In turn this shift in our lifestyle has reduced the trips to the mall to purchase items handmade in China.  In exchange for the richness of beautiful handmade items which fill the soul and keep the need for more “stuff” at bay as my family has curated its own Art gallery home lifestyle!

Sliding Door made with Reclaimed Tin Ceiling Panels
design Brandi C. & Chad Isham
Carpenter Robert P. Harrison


Most important when you choose to invest in local Art you send a message that Art lives!  The artist receives a message to continue to create beautiful Art, feeds his craft, family and visions.  You have diversified your investment with intangible return for your community and a concrete return of “The Piece” which you can  hold, touch and experience everyday.  Adding the opportunity your future return may grow exponentially if you choose to invest in an artist who will someday “Make it Big” and what cost you $20 at a street fair has the potential to out grow those shares of Bank Of America (the irony of that name is an entire blog)!

Art has an infinite number of ways of expression and  equal number of prices.  The magic is to pick your budget and I promise the art will start of show it self!

Coming soon……my new Page “B’s Hive” dedicated to my artist friends, their original creations and a 24hr marketplace to view and purchase ART!


About brandicottingham

I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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8 Responses to The Art of Supporting The Arts!

  1. Debbie says:

    That is very sweet Brandi & the tables are a work of art

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Thomas, Madge says:

    Thank you for sending me this new post. I absolutely love the bathroom sinks from the cement and the sliding door from old tin panels. I think I need to have you come to my house to pick your brain. My house was built in 1911 so there are all kinds of things that could be done with old used items. I can’t wait to talk to Logan about his desserts!!! Madge

    From: brandicottingham <> Reply-To: brandicottingham <> Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2012 14:41:21 -0500 To: Madge Thomas <> Subject: [New post] The Art of Supporting The Arts!

    brandicottingham posted: “Does Art live in your community/lifestyle because you believe it deserves to thrive? Do you desire your life to be adjourned with beauty, accessorize by original hand crafted items by local artisans? When reviewing your retirement objections does in”


    • Your house sounds like one big canvas waiting to be expressed! Chad Isham is the Yang to my Yin when it comes to reclaiming the style and design already present in ones life. We’ve been in daily conversation of our next projects together and would love to have the opportunity to play with a women who I consider “A Original Spirit”. Keep your eyes peeled at the Starpoint Fundraiser for a 2 hour Reclaiming and Design Session With Chad Isham and Brandi C.


  3. audreymyrosh says:

    Greatt blog B! Now that I am in Seattle, I am starting fresh in every level. This has a lot of challenges but does give me the opportunity to build a creative “focus on the art” life with every choice I choose from here. I am really trying to make sure I challenge myself to align my efforts with my art. Thank you for including me in this blog, and also for supporting my art by recently selling one of my pieces! I am focussing on painting….creating….living with PURPOSE and trusting that my art will support me financially. -Audrey

    Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2012 19:41:21 +0000 To:


  4. Katherine Cottingham says:

    Thanks, Brandi for sharing your blog and your art. It was soooo great to have you in our home and spend time with you!!!! You have certainly blossomed into a beautiful passionate woman with a conscientious and loving heart. Hope you enjoyed your time in SF & all went well. Jer & I were eating lunch at PF Chang on Sunday when he showed me your video during the race & I texted you. Please, if you have a chance send me photos or links to them. I regret not taking any during your visit — I have fallen so out of the picture taking habit! Weird how that happened… but, there’s only 24 hours in a day and they whip by all too swiftly! My head spins most of the time as if I am caught up in Dorothy’s funnel cloud. All we can do is our best and pray that it is what God wants from us. If I can go to sleep at night and say, “Dear God, I know I fell short here & there, but You know I did my best”, then I can usually sleep pretty well. Some day… perhaps I will re-engage with camera & other forms of 2-D artwork…? It was fun going with you to the estate sale. Take care. Lots of love. God bless you and Logan and Sydney; your dog, too (I forget his name!). ~Aunt Kathy


    • Auntie Kat-I believe Art has an infininte number of ways it is expressed. I see you expressing through genorocity of spirit. Looking for ways to connect with people and your community through the healing hand of spirtual practise! I can sleep at night knowing people like you are spending their days taking care of those in our communities who are sick, alone and hungry for food and love. Selfishly, I hope you return to expressing your self through manifested form of traditional art as I have found inspiration through your works and would give you credit for one of the first to open the doors of art and creations into my young heart and mind! Until we play again-Brandi C.


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