Art With A Heart

The month of February reminds us all to stop and smell the roses!  Valentines Day may be a Hallmark holiday for some or more a reminder to us all to demonstrate Love to those we share our lives.  I’m fortunate to live in a city, who expresses it’s love for community,  by supporting families with children who are challenged by illness.  I personally invite all my friends and family to come support the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth.  Come see the building that houses the love and nurture our community gives to our Texas families.  The evening is designed to educate and expose the gifts and needs of RMH while having fun and painting.  Everyone will create their own masterpiece. And,  as a group we will come together as community and create one large painting which will be auctioned off by the Red Shoe Society.  This collaborative effort will generate funds to support their mission To provide a supportive home-away-from-home for families of children receiving medical treatment at area hospitals.     Be apart of Fort Worth history, your reach is only a brush stroke away from touching the hearts of children and their caregivers.Art2

About brandicottingham

I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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    How nice! That is the night of Walter & Dorothy’s  70th Anniversary. That should be a good time for ya all!!




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