Red Shoe Society Expresses Art Through Philanthrophy

IMG_1944After spending the evening at The Ronald McDonald House with the Red Shoe Society I was reminded how inspiring the art of philanthropy can be to ones soul.  During moments of dryness when my well of inspiration feels more like a desert then a lush tropical rain forest, I’ve instituted the practice of turning my focus onto asking the questions Where can I give? What can I add? How can I extend my reach even just an inch longer?  Today, I’m not recognized as a master painter nor do I write the “Big Checks” which are only one part of keeping our non-for profits doors open.  As a young person I was exposed to philanthropy, in this lifetime I’ve had the privilege to have many perspectives sitting on both the asking and giving side of philanthropy.   Very few people ever achieve Mastery in their chosen field, very few have the opportunity to write the BIG checks.  IMG_1937However, the art community is built out of more than the masters works.  The art community is layers of novice artisans, craftsman’s at every level of skill, let’s not discount the viewer, the art buyer or even the critic.  The art community is not built out of one puzzle piece it’s an intricate combination of many aspects.  For instance I’m the writer of these words, you the reader and together we’ve collaborated to connect in this moment.  The same is true in the world of philanthropy, it’s a community built on many personalities that come together to nurture the life of our non-for profits.  Some of us write checks, others attend events, volunteer time, sit on boards, share charities mission with friends and co-workers.  It becomes mystical (Per Aunt Kathy) when we recognize our individual role and how our one piece fit’s into the overall puzzle.  image-1I invite you to take a moment to connect with your purpose, where do you fit in your communities that matter to you?  Art and philanthropy are two of mine and with every year I see myself coming up with new ways to extend my reach in these communities.   I believe we are all artist and I also believe we all have a generous heart with a longing to live in community working alongside our neighbors, families and friends.  I invite you today to give something away in a new and brilliant way.  Those who master anything in life value a key ingredient of daily practice.
Practice is the best of all instructors.

Publilius Syrus


Collaboration by Cheryl McGlothlin, Bonnie Cochran, Betty Spitzberg, Jennifer Hove, Joe Brown, Laura Hamilton, Elise Richardson, Julia Stellar, Cali Lancarte, Andi Goodroe, Katy Neely, Josh Gray, Lauren Haggard, Emily VanLangen, Dan Kilkenny, Court Goodroe, Julie Wilinson, Al Silva, Nancy Jetter and Brandi C.

36×36 Acrylic on Canvas

to be auctioned off April 12th

Raise the Roof House Party

  Ronald McDonald House Fort Worth

online bidding accepted thru noon April 12th.

About brandicottingham

I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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4 Responses to Red Shoe Society Expresses Art Through Philanthrophy

  1. Betty Hove says:

    Brandi, you and I often find ourselves on the same page. Your thoughts about philanthropy seem ‘right on’ to me. How important it is to express these feelings! I congratulate you on believing as you do and on acting on that belief. YOU are my kind of woman, wise beyond your years.


  2. Barbara Ahlquist says:

    Well Hello sweet girl, I am so happy for you that you are so happy. It sounds like you have quite a life going for you there. You are also an amazing “word-smith”. I really had never heard of that word before someone told Carrie’s David that when he was writing all of the up-dates on her medical problem a few years ago. My mother started painting lessons when she was in her “later” years so to speak. I would like to do this also. I am sure I never will for some reason or another. It is funny we all have some of her paintings and they are so meaningful. Your Mother even has one in her office. She painted one of some girls walking in the rain with their umbrellas open in pretty pastel colors and it is beautiful. I also enjoyed listening to the letter you wrote to your grandma and grandpa at their party. It was very sweet. Grandparents are so very important in a persons life, no matter what the age. When I was at Brandi’s the last time I was sitting with Olivia who is eleven. She is very grown-up for her age and so special. I said to her “my cup runneth over”. I always feel like that when I am with my grandchildren. I like to tell them everyone needs a”soft place to fall”. I would like to be for them. I assume Sydney and Logan are doing just great. I haven’s seen them for a lone time. The next time you are here your Mother should have the a girlfriend lunch so we can all be with you. I am at school writing you this letter. It is a Prep. period and Ihad a few minutes. We are going outfor tonight with your Mom and Dad and the cousins for your Dad’s birthday. It should be fun. Thanks for including me on your list, it is a breath of fresh air. Love, Barb



    • April 11th 6Pm Brandi C. class on “Celebration” Give back the crumb be willing to have the WHOLE Cake! Inspire Studio 6503 Ferguson St., Broadripple IN 46220 20 Easels Open RSVP to reserve your spot.


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