For Art Sake!

"Because I Can"  brandi c.

“Because I Can”
brandi c.

I’m often asked to tell the story of how I became an Artist.  Hidden in this question is more questions; where did you get your art degree, what experience do you have, what Galleries are you shown in, how many pieces have you sold, what credentials, awards and plaques hanging on your wall give you the right to title yourself as an artist?  And then I tell my tale; 2007 my son Logan and I sat at our dining room table, as a distraction, from watching Thomas the Train one more time, I decided for craft time.  Crayola paint and Dollar store canvas we started to play with paint.

Logan 2007

Logan 2007

After 15 min Logan was off to his match box cars, however my life was forever changing course as a knowing filled my body, mind and soul.  I knew in a moment I had found a passion.  In the quiet space of my dining room I declared in a small voice “I AM an Artist”.   My conviction came instantly and within days the questions started; Being an Artist what tools do I need?  Where do I buy these tools?  Where will my studio be and what will I paint next?  As I answered each question my life as an Artist began to grow and take shape in my life.  I started investing in  material, created a studio space in my home and spending my free time hanging out with my paint brush, paints and canvas.  Looking back I now see a pivotal  step I took back in 2007 with the announcement to family and friends “I AM an Artist”.  With a conviction that came from my innateness I started declaring “Im An Artist” more accurate “I’m a CRAZY Artist” because at this time, CRAZY was what I seemed to the audience who watched the story of my life unfold.  Looking back I credit my willingness to live in my Imagination and the trust in my Knowingness that time would shed light for others on what I already knew as Truth.

Out of Canvas

“Out of Canvas” Logan 2007

As I type this story from reflection I measure the changes in those first questions, some answers have stayed the same today as those first days in 2007, and others have changed dramatically; I’ve had shows, sold pieces, won awards, collected a couple of certificates, taught classes and I’m most honored to say I’ve inspired others to declare they too are an artist!    The Allowance to live in and foster my imagination has been the greatest gift I gave  myself.   My imagination is the housing unit of my future.  I see full series, shows and future projects.    The studio which once resided in the corner of my living room in my Indianapolis home moved to a private studio space on the west side of Fort Worth, TX and now I see it again moving into a space where other “I Am Artist” will come to express their imagination.  I already see the walls, floors even the light fixtures elegantly hanging in my raw space.   I’m relaxed in my knowing this space is coming and continue to place attention on the tasks of today.

April 2007 "Sins of a Father" brandi c.

April 2007
“Sins of a Father”
brandi c.

Today, has me be in gratitude of the many classes on the calendar which equates to time I create a space for others to focus their attention on creativity, I start each class with declaring my truth that we are all artist.  Meaning EVERYONE is an artist.  Our life story itself is our first expression of our imagination.   Are you willing to look into yourself and see the artist in you?  Are you willing to make a declaration or share your amazing future knowing, shedding light on your talents, gifts and skills?  courageously living without Proof only your own Knowing?  Do you also have a knowing that if you choose to admit and let your artist shine how your life will change and transform into something more? If your reading these words then allow the Artist I AM to speak to the Artist You Are and ask that in this moment you reveal yourself  as a declaration to allow something within your imagination to grow into your physical life!
Neville said “Your imagination is able to do all that you ask in proportion to the degree of your attention”.

"Play On" 2013 brandi C.

“Play On” 2013
brandi C.

Play with yourself today by giving attention to your imagination.  What’s swirling around in the amazingness of your artist mind?  Pick something and place your full attention, declare it as already complete and watch your own life as it’s transformed from the inside feelings to the outer world playhouse which we all share a scene.

My story as an Artist continues to unfold as my knowingness tells me it will for the remainder of this lifetime.  I recently was honored with a position on the Fort Worth Arts Council Board, they titled me “Community Advocate.”  Yes I AM!  As the curtain closes on this Act I advocate for us all to meet each other one artist to another sharing our imagination, thoughts, dreams and wishes and speaking of the possibilities and beauty we will collaborate, creating our communities into thriving beautiful spaces where our ideas, in and of themselves, are viewed as an art form! Brandi C.

"Flight Over Toyko"  2008  brandi C.

“Flight Over Tokyo”
brandi C.

"76101" 2013 brandi C. reclaimed canvas (Flight Over Toyko 2008) acyrlic and oil.

brandi C.
reclaimed canvas (Flight Over Tokyo 2008) acrylic and oil.

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I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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  1. Ellen Robinson says:

    So beautiful and amazing!!! Thank you for giving me the gift of knowing that I Am an Artist!

    I love you!


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