The Choice to Eat The Best Cake EVER!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined”
Henry David Thoreau
“Cake Hat” by  Debbie C. (my momma)  
This week I’m sending out the invitation to EAT Cake, drink wine, toast your friends and loved ones and Celebrate!
Wearing my artist hat I know my best work has and will be created when I paint from the inside out, working with my greatest tool bringing authentic emotion to the canvas.
 Flowing the emotions of fear, love, pride, acceptance, guilt, shame, peace, harmony all of them onto the canvas along with the paint which accompanies each stroke.    IMG_6594
Taking my inspiration or theme, (April’s inspiration “Having the Best Cake ever and Eating it Too”), directing my mind to connect with my emotions focused on the inspiration and then surrendering and allowing the emotion to be the conduit in which the creativity channels to canvas.  I use this practice in all aspects of my life where I desire to show my authentic heart.

"Heart" by Kylee R.

“Heart” by Kylee R.

My children’s fathers would attest to the Momma Bear I embody who guards her cubs and tosses back the half eaten day old Salmon, insisting on the fresh catch of the day!!

Ellen & Brandi C.  Inspire Studio Broadripple, IN

Ellen & Brandi C.
Inspire Studio
Broadripple, IN

Or the client in 2008 who hired me as an Advisor to support developing her Inspire Brand.  Ellen declared her cake was to Inspire others through her gift as a writer.  I designed my first Playing with Paint class around her session.  Present day proves Ellen my most feisty participant, she stomped her foot, said a couple 4 letter words attacking me and my process,  denying  to pick up the brush.  Say it with me RESISTANCE!!!!

  Now add this equation; what we resist persist and voila the very obstacle that keeps us stuck down on the ground floor unable to elevate up to where our cake sits patiently waiting at the table to be eaten!
I stayed with her like the center of a hurricane, calm and holding the vision this storm would pass after she destructed all her old paradigms and recipes she no longer needed to bake this new vision.

"No Classes" by Aunt Abigail

“No Classes” by Aunt Abigail

She took all that emotion, picked up the brush and painted, taking the first steps pouring the first ingredients into the bowl to make her CAKE or move in the direction of where she stands today.  Ellen now has a line of greeting cards created from images of  her original paintings!  She has a studio where one can take an inspirational workshop and use paint and canvas!  5 years later life reveals the meaning of E’s 2008 Resistance.  She was resisting her “Best Cake Ever” still feeding herself from the crumbs of her life full of fear of what living the life she imagined would be for her.
"Jump" by Tom Cat

“Jump” by Tom Cat

Last week I gave my first Playing with Paint class in Ellen’s studio.   With tears I greeted the sold out class  realizing in 2007 when I let go of my need to be accepted by those I shared my life, when I decided to look “Crazy” and declare “I’m an artist!! I opened a door for me and it became an entrance for all those choosing to paint with me!

IMG_6627When we choose to live authentic to our dreams and IMG_6630visions, adding the best quality ingredients into our lives through friendships, rituals, attitudes, beliefs and actions we then create the “Best Ever!”

"Love" by  Barbara G.

“Love” by Barbara G.

What part of your life are you still willing to be smoked and mirrored by a crumb?  Resisting  you hunger for the ENTIRE CAKE!  This week I claim 40 years.  It’s my 40th birthday cake, it’s going to be THE BEST ONE EVER!!!! Cheers~Brandi C.

IMG_6586Image 1“Best Cake Ever” by Cake Artist Shelly C.
Shelly C. is also an artist of numbers in her day job as an accountant and bookkeeper!
Thank you Shelly for being a fantastic craftsman organizing my numbers and allowing me to use my creativity in studio!
Image 3 Image
"The Boot"  Collaboration Red Shoe Society Ronald McDonald House Fort Worth, Tx

“The Boot”
Collaboration Red Shoe Society Ronald McDonald House Fort Worth, Tx

40 for 40.  Currently booking 40 collaborations for the next 365 days.  Bring your inspiration, budget and theme and let’s collaborate together.  Classes, workshops, private sessions, orignal pieces of Art.  The Studio is OPEN!

Brandi C.


About brandicottingham

I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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6 Responses to The Choice to Eat The Best Cake EVER!

  1. Debbie says:

    You are wonderful, daughter, mother & friend. Happy 40th. Love, momma


  2. Raymond says:

    Yes!!! Happy 40th Birthday!!!
    Sister!! We are working on living the dream that is being revealed….day by day.


  3. Amanda Cottingham says:

    Love it! Happy 40th… Love u😘

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Pat Szuch says:

    Brandi–It seems like all that “bugging” to paint directed towards me was your need to do exactly that. So happy for you and cannot believe you are 40, girl. I, of course, remain stuck at 50. Happy Birthday!


    • Pat- I still believe the world a better place when you are expressing yourself as an artist. I have your painting in my office reminding me I’m Exotic, Brilliant as an oriental garden! Come paint with me July 18th in Broardripple at The Inspire Studio! 40 watch out I’m here! B


  5. Shelly Cucinello says:

    Beautiful words of inspiration Brandi! Cheers to being 40! You’re a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for the opporunity to organize your numbers and creating your cake masterpiece. It truly is an honor. See you soon 🙂


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