The Power of Perspective

Ink, Pigment, Mud on Canvas

I  had the privilege to sit in on a round table discussion on the Intimate Perspective of Art.  What started out as an informal conversation grew in power as the passion of the very smart (I use the term smart to mean the full spectrum of IQ; emotional, intellectual and spiritual) represented around the table.    The question we pondered as a collective consciousness;   Does ones perspective on what one sees or the message one receives from viewing an artistic expression (piece of art) have more value than another viewer? Does the artist meaning to the piece bring correction to the viewer’s perspective?  Is there a Right/Wrong in the Art World?

Art has been used for centuries to hide messages through symbols to keep a story, idea or belief from being eradicated from society.  Even more Art is a great way to know oneself at a deeper level through witnessing the thoughts and ideas which are revealed by viewing art.  What one sees as a paint brush someone else may view as a gun.  And then a gun may represent a sign of destruction and evoke fear in one viewer while triggering a positive memory of youth with grandfather or be a symbol of guarding ones flag and personal freedoms.  What is beautiful about this process is both get to be true!  The viewer gets to decide to what they see and the power given to a piece is determined by ones own critic and the story created in ones own mind.

Recently I’ve noticed my artist, viewer and critic in conflict over a current project.  While creating pieces for a local business based on the owners found memory of nudes from his youth.  The artist in me is having fun in my studio creating this project, however I noticed the joy in the shadows as I’ve shared the project with others.

IMG_7992 IMG_7995 IMG_8011IMG_8013 IMG_8014

I noticed what was fun to explore in my private space became awkward and uncomfortable when I launched my work into the public eye.  My thoughts questioned if my work would cause others to feel uncomfortable,  evoke someone I care deeply to feel a personal boundary had been crossed?  I leaned in a bit further and realized my personal perspective was limiting the power of my own art.

Displaying my art has always been a personal act of courage.  Sharing my work with the freedom that it may be viewed as less sophisticated or without proper technique. My message lost in the blurred lines.  I embrace being uncomfortable as part of the path of dynamic conversations and question does powerful art derive from powerful symbols from our culture?  What has been taboo for me becomes the platform to claim freedom around my own femininity.  As the maturation process is applied both through my art and in my personal perspective allowance to others to define, believe and perceive as they desire becomes my gift.   Giving voice to the taboo in my own story builds a platform for my daughter, sister, mother, niece, friend, neighbor, to my best friends daughter, his wife, his mother, to all women and to all those who love those women.

I share openly all the projects working in my studio knowing the viewer will create their own story of the 5 foot yellow bird whimsical and simple which was inspired by the depth of the round table conversation inspired by this post.  Cheers to the creation of “Chirpy” and to all who sing their own song!

IMG_8071 IMG_8072 IMG_8075 IMG_8077 IMG_8079

March 13th 6PM Playing with Paint headed to Indianapolis, IN.  Class  theme “Paint What You Love” Inspire Studio Broadripple, IN.  RSVP. brandicottingham@me.comIMG_7095

March 29th 2pm-8pm Brandi C. Art Studio will be Popping up for Spring Gallery Night asking the viewer to become the artist for the moment.  Warehouse 201 S. Calhoun St Fort Worth 76104.


March 29th Brandi C. Art will show original work Fort Works Art Show 201 S. Calhoun St, Fort Worth, TX 76104 2PM+ 3 bands, 19 artist, adult beverage and food!

76101 Play ON

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I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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    Nice words. You always inspire me!

    How did your event go on Friday?

    🙂 Kim Elegant Design 817-771-6614

    Please pardon my iPhone typos!


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