Fort Worth Reveals Itself Through The Culture of It’s Art Community



I’m desperate for a manicure says my painted hands.  In the final moments before Spring Gallery night is presented to our Fort Worth Community, I feel a deep connection to this lovely town and all the people who share my passion to focus on the artistic expression!  I’ve read recently Fort Worth has become the number 1 city of places to live in the US.  It is my belief our city shines in the number 1 rank by the love and passion for The Arts, the nurture we give to local craftsman and artisans and our innovative spirit to integrate Art into other aspects of our lives.

Join me This Saturday to Celebrate and honor our Art’s Community.  Spring Gallery Night

Spring Gallery Night Guide 

Click to access FWADA2014spring.pdf

is a chance  to get back show passes and front row tickets into the local art scene.  Map out your Art Attack with the above Art Dealers Association Guide (give it a click) and don’t forget those back alley shows, which is where you’ll find me,  like the Fort Works Art Show where Visual Art and Music will be married into an event by local shadow artist and curator J.W. Wilson,  Artist Lauren Saba Childs and the unique expression in of herself Kristi Wilson Marks!  IMG_7838

I invite you to allow your critic to embody your presence with the freedom to like, dis like, turn away and fall in love with the expression’s shared this Saturday.  Go on adventure and explore who may become your favorite expression.  It might be a hanging on a gallery wall or it may be the show itself which brings inspiration and aliveness into a hollowness of your psyche.    Treasure hunting can be part of the fun adding to your personal collection and placing your $$ vote to support local Artist.  Regardless of the role or roles you choose  this weekend; Artist, Curator, Viewer, Collector or Critic each holds important elements to our overall Cities Expression that Art Works!

Fort Works Art Show

Shipping and Receiving 205 South Calhoun St. 76104

Live Music & Visual Art 20+ Artist Original Works



"Play On"

“Play On”

"Kame's Grapes"

“Kame’s Grapes”






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I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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