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"Camp L4" 24x36 Acrylic & Ink on Canvas

“Camp L4”
24×36 Acrylic & Ink on Canvas Proceeds of this painting funded 20 children Playing with Paint Class.  For more information to commission a collaboration piece and fund an out reach program for Children contact Brandi C. for details.  


A Toltec is an artist of Love,

an Artist of the Spirit,

someone who is creating every moment

every second, the most beautiful art-

the Art of Dreaming.

-Don Miguel Ruiz The Mastery of Love

As a child going to camp was one of my most anticipated and coveted part of summertime. This summer I had two dreams converge with the invitation to Pop uP my studio at Camp Carter.  Spending the afternoon with 20 children being served by a new love of mine Recovery Resource Council.  I had the privilege to share my dream of being an artist during Camp L4.IMG_0623

 Becoming a “Full Time” artist has offered me the opportunity to expand my creativity and imagination beyond past boundaries.  The magic of asking questions is my artist way to expand my mental constructs.  Last July I found myself in a myriad of the same question; “How many ways can I express my artist to grow a viable business model”?   Another way to say “What Resources am I and how can I utilize my resources (talents & strengths) to create my life work in a meaningful way which will provide the resources to care for my family”?  Asking these questions took me on an excavation adventure into identifying and exploring my self and all the resources I be.  At first it was the glaring obvious ones as the business model grew the excavation went deeper I still needed more avenues more options for success which meant I had to reveal more, claim more and choose to be more.  And as I  continued to push the boundaries and definitions I had agreed was me I found additional resources by imagining and dreaming my way into an entire new reality.

Camp L4 marked the 1 year anniversary of my past dream.  The year of the mantra, “Get up everyday and do my best work, share my imagination and creativity in a powerful way to bring beauty to myself and those lives I touch”.  Camp L4 falls under the part of my business named Outreach.  Working with organizations who serve the underprivileged children in our community.  The process is simple, inviting 20 children to become an artist with me and create an original piece of art inspired by the core values of Camp L4 to Live, Love, Laugh & Learn while each artist works on their own work.   I open the children’s mind with the fun of creativity and while they focus on painting what they love about camp I start a conversation and intentionally start planting seeds into their subconscious minds.  Reminding them to Dream their biggest dreams.  Over and over as they play with the paint I use my words to create a mantra for them that if they Dream and Imagine they can dream their way into the life they want to live.  I only have a short time with these children before they return to the foster homes and shelters.  But I cling onto every moment inviting my motherhood to embrace the room spraying out my nurture in every direction as I challenge them to paint the symbols, words and use colors on the canvas as a daily reminder of my message, Camp L4 message and more important the message they uncover about themselves.

I know I may never cross paths with these cherished souls.  I work intentionally to leave my mark on their hearts.  Can I be so Bold to imagine my life work may change the belief of a child as I share the very technique which changed my life?  Yes!  I will continue to dream about more ways I can work with these children.  I will dream about more funding and resources being exposed to continue to dream about more dreaming!    As the class time ends the children will take their own masterpiece with them which will continue to remind them of the moments we spent together.  The larger collaboration piece will be sent to the donor who funded this class and out of our imaginations new art exist inspired by the camps mantra to Live, Love, Learn & Laugh everyday!  And my mantra to become courageous dreamers imagining a new life with every resource needed can be found inside us.   I believe we are all Toltec Artist and life is just our dream!  Will you be a courageous dreamer and dream bold dreams with me?  Keep Dreaming- Brandi C. 

IMG_7239 IMG_6952 Image

Logan 2007

Logan 2007

Brandi C. Art & Playing with Paint work with local organizations creating new programing to reach the lives of children through the act of artistic expression.  The purchase of these Collaboration pieces created by the children & Brandi C. generate funding for more programming.   Please contact me if you would like to commission a piece of art which will provide funding for more children to experience the power of Creative Expression.  

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I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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    Always love your writings!!

    xoxo Mom


  2. paula mcmillen says:

    YOU GO!!!   Paula McMillen Williamson EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR KINDERPLATZ OF FINE ARTS 817-207-0660



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