Let the Goggles See


Arts Google 2015 Broadway and Bryan Landers Machine Building

IMG_8664 IMG_8672 IMG_8674I’m on the fly no time for a edit this invitation to see the latest spectacle being launched on the near south side of Fort Worth.  Not a car ride away no worries our first piece SOLD this AM by one of our favorite northern collectors.

The last 4 weeks the plans have been in design to launch this celebration of local and national artist, curators, collectors, viewers and critics.  Today is a moment when all these converge to create a gigantic Art celebration in the streets and buildings of the near south side of FW.  Streets will be closed to make stages for live music and Pop up Gallery spaces for local artist.  Food trucks and vendors are busy creating their spaces to give to the community who joins the event.


Sydney Lauren heArt piece.

This is just one point of view I had the privilege to be working behind the scenes for the last 4 weeks.  Meeting with artist, installers, collectors, building owners, caterers and muiscians designing an event within the event to celebrate creativity utilizing this spirit as a conduit to connect with my community.

When I say art to be shown by artist what I mean is our neighbors we live with that may have a “Day Job” lawyers, doctors, mail room clerks, ranch hands, cowboys, teachers, graphic designers, moms, children and if you come find me you too will become an artist shown in today’s show!  IMG_8677Come hear the story of our town and country how our neighbors interpret history and current affairs.

I have many intimate conversations this month speaking to an amazing group of “Artist” who for some today is about sharing their intimacy through their art.  Defined by many as monumental leap of faith to be received by friends and community.  Of course for some selling work today is part of their resources to continue their craft and support their families and for others its a moment share their story.


Brandi C. & Sydney Lauren Collaboration


Peter Manion heArt pieces submitted or Arts Google 2015 by Back Alley Artist who took up the challenge to create a works on paper around the theme of “Heart” all works priced between $50-$300


Jerry Wenninger


Chad Isham

For me it’s about sharing the space with all these artist.  Late into the night prepping homemade Italian flour pizza dough and my signature “kale cookies” to feed my artist friends and all who come to see our show.  Its about being apart of something bigger than my own imagination and playing my roles within the larger mechanism.  Today is about choosing to know something new about myself and the others I share my time.  Come create with us.  Be the viewer,  critic (of food and art) and artist by creating something out of nothingness  a memory that will forever live on in the canvas of your mind!

Keep Expressing-Brandi C. IMG_8666

About brandicottingham

I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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1 Response to Let the Goggles See

  1. Carol Edgar says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this post, Brandi! Loved it. Congratulations on your part in all of this. (Enjoyed the pizza collaboration with you and Sidney.)

    Can’t imagine this exhibition will not be a great success….

    Carol E


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