Learning How Angels Are Born

Angel Painting CB

Guarding my Dreams as I sleep from one of my favorite artist Carol Boarman. For many years this painting was a dream to own and then one day her wings made it from Indiana to my Texas wall.

I believe in angels both in of the celestial world and the courageous ones who choose to mingle with earthlings. I have one that hangs above my bed reminding me to be open and allow the power they give to our lives.   There has been a few moments, in my life, I’ve become present enough to feel the touch of both. Today I sit and watch as one of my favorite beings is returning to a more infinite space.

I sit and write these words being inspired by her as she so peacefully, just as she lived her life, lays with the occasional connections with me through her eyes. She hears my muffled sobs and does what she’s always done with me, using all the depleted energy she can claim from her tired body, she perks her ears raises her head and speaks to me through a depth of love and care I’ve rarely have known from my human family, as if to say, “Your good you can do this you have the capacity to feel every drop of every moment we’ve shared and then allow me to go.”


October Bale travel back to my parents land sitting with the girls during tea time munching on carrots enjoying the MidWest Fall.

I was just a young women when she strolled into my life. I thought I was doing her a favor when this little bag of fleas popped onto my porch. I jumped to her attention with cat food and a back yard bath. A trip to vet revealed her life on the streets and the stress it had placed on her body. Her first night with me could have been her last night on earth but instead, as if, we made a silent agreement to each other she decided to choose me and I her. I would take care of her and she would be the one stable force in my undulating young adult life. She’s watched me grow up both in years and wisdom. She’s lived with me through the intimacy of the bad days, the really bad days and every intimate amazing moment of my adult life. When the scope of my dreams enlarged she escorted me from our Indiana roots to Texas when I decided to venture out of the safety of the only nest I had known. Again with the quiet stable force she encompassed the Universal Mother it was always known me and my children her chosen liter.


Bale inspired me to pick up a brush after months of only painting for others. Today I painted for us. She also inspired me to write this post. Again after months of more important tasks two of my most beloved passions of expression to paint and write she gave the inspiration for both!

So many days passed when I didn’t take the time to connect with, look into her eyes and lay my hands on the warmth of her nature. She never loved me any less, regardless of my humanness she always stayed centered in her love and devotion to me. Even her weariness I find great strength in her guiding me through how to be with her now. Keeping the world at bay today, no matter the level of importance, she is my only focus. Staying home laying here with her I ask her if there is any unfinished business to address. My legs are her legs and today I will carry her.


In 2007 I found the healing energy though painting. The paint and canvas have been my tools to work out my toughest conflicts. Paint Therapy is a growing trend. Allowing the right holistic brain to assist the left brain logic is a powerful way to allow the emotion to flow and be freed.


I believe we all are artist even the 4 legged furry friends of our lives. She may not have been able to walk but she still was able to stamp and brush her furry paws over the canvas.

Her eyes tell me everything I need to hear. As she watched me pick up the paint brush and paint my first strokes she has witnessed the birth and creation of my artist life. I’ve painted collaboration pieces with my son Logan and daughter Sydney and yet each time she patiently watched us capture the moment. Today it’s her turn. In these last moments I want to capture her into an object. I want to be inspired by her essence and gifts she has given to me over the years. My longest dearest companion. Finding a patch of light shed by Mother nature we sit in the sun. Taking this moment for us to create the most powerful experience that we each can give to the other and to capture it on canvas so after this moment passes I’m reminded by her to soften, quiet myself down to center and be the force of nature she reminds me to be. An expression of my life being touched by her pure love.


Stormy giving Bale one last sniff and lick. Sydney believes they are husband and wife. I believe her daddies dog and mommies dog had a special bond maybe titles are too small when a boundless love exist.

After making rounds of her final visits we spent the day laying and painting in the front yard. I gave her one last bath held her in my arms swaddled up like a baby and released the purest love I’ve ever known. IMG_2822
And that is how angles are born! During tears of our first night without our guard laying at the foot of the bed my 6-year-old saw Bale sitting with us in the bed. We believe in Angels!  Today my family celebrates the 16.5 years Bale Ann served as our family dog, my companion and the mark she left on all those our journey’s crossed (even the cats!)

Bale' Ann 1998-2016

Bale’ Ann 1998-2016

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I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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12 Responses to Learning How Angels Are Born

  1. Christy Dunaway Smith says:

    Wow. Your words brought me to tears. Praying for healing. I cannot imagine what your last few weeks have looked like. Love you friend! Xoxox


  2. Robert and Allison Readinger says:

    I’m in tears. A beautiful tribute to your sweet girl!

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Debi Dixon says:

    Sending my Angels your way!


    • Received! I tossed and turned all night believing I heard her steps in the very quiet dark house. Funny how the brain holds desperate to daily patterns. You have some good angels Bale will be in good company!


  4. Christie Neale says:

    The tears gushed out as I ready this beautiful, heart-felt tribute to Bale. I know how painful it is. I told you last night it has been 2 years since Lucy made her transformation. I was wrong — it has been 3. My heart goes out to you and your family. Sending love, Christie.


    • I’m inspired to create a painting class for all those who have released a dear relationship. Getting out all the morsels of left over tears and the emotions they represent. What a great way to end the year one big purge and allowing ourselves to also be set free to fly!


  5. Andrew says:

    A beautiful tribute to a soul of great magnitude. Your words are Timeless words of love.


  6. Barbara Ahlquist says:

    | brandicottingham posted: “I believe in angels both in of the celestial world and the courageous ones who choose to mingle with earthlings. I have one that hangs above my bed reminding me to be open and allow the power they give to our lives.   There has been a few moments, in ” | |


  7. Regena Taylor says:

    Sorry for your loss of your four legged loved one ✨


  8. Carol Edgar says:

    Hi Brandi,

    Your tribute was beautiful! So sorry for your loss of such a good, devoted friend.


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