2015 A Broken Wing Heals Spirit to Fly


A toast to 2015 and all it gave to inspired me.  The year started with me facing a health crisis.  Challenging my motherhood, my work and all that was my “normal.” I embarked on a journey which would bring me closer to the core of all that had mattered to me and then opening up a world I had never touched to enlarge into a greater source of care to myself, my world and my dreams.  It was my artist spirit who forged the way as my logical mind became challenged with “The X Factor” mystery culprit poisoning my system.  The first days of the year I spent mostly researching from my bedroom with doctor orders to put down the brush and change my career.  It was my rebel who flared up to save the life of my artist archetype being in the forefront of my expression, to express courage and say “NO” it’s my body and my life and only me will give direction to what will or will not receive nurture from my resources.  I started to clean up my life in every realm body, mind and spirit….

Then the largest project of my career came calling and inspired me to jump back into work using my creativity to design ways for me to be in the experience without being in the odors, chemicals and solvents.  I believe it was a call out to the Universe to say “I AM Still An Artist Bring It” challenging my commitment to this off the wall dream I had been dreaming.  And so the call out came again just weeks after my first big gig another one even bigger which would challenge my physical and mental stamina.  The year was on it’s way and with little time to call in sick.  

Thank you 2015 for giving me the opportunity to bring my work to the lives of 2000+ viewer artist.  With my main engine down for maintenance 2015 created room to build a team around me.  It was other artist, supporters, contributors, collectors and believers who showed up to bolster my artist, my motherhood my life in every way to see me nurtured back into Thriving!  Which allowed me to see my work shared with people for all over the world and then the physical work travel across the country to live in worlds only of my dreams.  

If you shared a brush stroke on my work you touched my life.  I stood in front of corporate America, a dream I didn’t know I had, as it became clear that every brush stroke I had captured is infused in every new piece I create.  The Butterfly effect I so believe as a source of my own creation continues to ripple through me.  

I’ve written and spoke this and will say it again.  I was a girl who decided in a moment to follow my passion.  Without any proof it could be true.  No education or formal training was on my side.  I had few supporters at that time a couple friends who purchased those first piece’s as if possibly a passing hobby.  8 years later I write these words as 4000 people have read my blog this year.  I’ve Popped uP and painted with over 2000 people from all over the world.  Last night I read the edit of the article written about my work and the concept I created which has changed my world and possibly changed the trajectory of a couple of you who have worked with me.  I write these words from a body that is showing signs of reclaiming her wellness, from a mind who claims a clarity unknown from her past (detox a year without carbs and sugar WHOA how life looks different) and a spirit who is launching her wings not from a platform covered in fear but from an excitement to know my greatest works and how it will touch the lives of others.  I give you these words to say if I can dream it and believe it into truth then you too can allow your greatest dreams to come true!  

Thank you 2015 and all those whose life work merged with my life work in the spirit of collaboration to exchange the energy of expansion!  Thanks you 2015 for all that will be inspired to bloom in 2016.  Won’t you express your dream with me!   Brandi C. Art & Playing with Paint “Team”

Thank you to the following sponsors of 2015 Projects

Fort Worth Community Art, West 7Th, Amphibian Theatre, Cat INC, Danny Richardson and Frito Lay Texoma, Recovery Resource, Tanglewood Elementary, AAMD, Dr. Andrew Walker, Texas Custom Window & Door, Jerry Wenninger Art, Chuck Shanlever Photography, Trinity Vista Dermatology, Constance Hall Law, CDK Agency, The Community Food Bank, Michaels Cuisine, Beverly Fletcher Fort Worth Independent Schools, Grace Cattle, Ridglea County Club, Elegant Design, World Affairs Council, Jo Dufo Art, Matt & Mary Ann Dufrene and all those viewer artist who shared a stroke of their artist expression!

About brandicottingham

I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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2 Responses to 2015 A Broken Wing Heals Spirit to Fly

  1. paula mcmillen says:

    Awesome Brandi!  Paula McMillen WilliamsonEXECUTIVE DIRECTORKINDERPLATZ OF FINE ARTS817-207-0660


  2. Thor Daniel Hjaltason says:

    WOW Brandi Read your post Yes I find myself in you I have so many great suggestions Let’s meet


    Thor Daniel Hjaltason

    Co-Founder / ​CEO

    IQ Group International LLC Artlite Asia Pacific Ltd Hong Kong​ IICEMEDIA Group Ltd. China http://www.innovativeiq.com


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