Left in the Dark Turn Right


What’s Right About The Brain

One of my favorite historical minds was quoted in saying;

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
― Albert Einstein

This week I had the privilege share my life work with some of the most current day brilliant minds whose work is focused towards researching and developing a cure for Brain Disease.  What my artist mind defines as collaboration they call a consortium.  Regardless of the word the destination is the same; to share ones resources be it, talents, energy, money, time, knowledge, wisdom or attention for the sake of all parties expanding into something larger-growth!

Can I imagine living in a world where in all my engagements I exchange a energy of growth with those whose life I touch and they mine?  I dream this dream everyday and then make the pledge to do my best work.  I no longer focus on critiquing or measuring perfection by my technique or result.  I’ve learned to rewire my gage and allow my attitude towards the moment to inspire the desire to always grow which satisfies the need for my logical mind to do better.

What I just explained is the way I rewired my perspective to allow my Right brain to find balance in my left brain dominated world.   Why would I be inspired to share my ideals to a group of scientist, neurologist, phycologist and researchers?  When handed the mic in front of such a distinquised group of minds why would I take my five minutes of their captivated attention and speak of the importance of Right Brain Balance? IMG_3784 Why not speak a myriad of other topics from the art world?  I mean I was the declared Artist in the room.  One, it’s become clear to me its my life work to do so, my entire life journey has lead me to this moment to share and reveal my personal wisdom.  Not because a degree says I can, but because, my life story has become the proof that the bet I hedged in 2007 (my right brains corrects me to say 4/20/73 the moment I was born and before), the hypothesis I felt as truth is being realized in this moment.

IMG_3646The summation of my belief came after working with this group during a 4 hour Pop uP Studio event which included 2 canvas panels, some paint, brushes and dialogue which included an invitation to Play With Paint, express oneself however it feels it needs to express with a less obvious request to allow the right brain to dominate the moment.  I took the captured visual conversation on canvas back to my private studio world and asked my inner artist to remember what I had learned while facilitating the viewer artist and speak back into the canvas.  Merging their thoughts and ideas into a cohesive piece.  Taking the individual thought and merging it into the


Below is the work of the viewer artist Above is the continuation of the work which is currently being finalized in studio. 

overall conversation of all.  How do I do such work?  It’s the balance of my own thinking the left and right brain working as if dancing with each other leading and following until the work is complete.  Why do I do this work?  To create an experience where in the moment one engages they create a new thinking pattern and walk through a portal that can become a new reality.



What are the distinctions of these left and right brain subjects?  The words I share with you today are the same ones I spoke earlier this week as I stood in front of those who have spent more hours then most focused on the mechanics in the world of brains.  It’s just the way I have defined it it and may not  be the “The Truth” for you or anyone, but it’s my truth and I believe it’s the only one I have permission to speak for-My Truth.

I believe the Left brain, houses our logic, it’s the tool which keeps track of all the information we’ve gathered in our lifetime.  It’s where the critic lives a home built by our schooling, environment, neighborhoods and culture.  It regulates by knowing something and can understand concepts only from the gage of perspective it’s been built.  Your left brain will see the world as big or small as you have built it to see.

I believe the Right brain counterpart is where our imagination and creativity reside.  It doesn’t understand concepts of the physical world doesn’t perceive the difference in what you dream or actual do (meaning your dreams are just as real to the right brain as if you actually do it in the physical world), its boundless goes as far as your imagination will take you and as far as your open to travel in someone else’s imagination.  It holds no gauge of measurement or competition it doesn’t see a boundary between itself and another self. I believe it’s the energy that flows through us all.  We all have the same amount because it’s infinite.  It’s where we all meet as equals and the energy of collaboration is birthed.

So why would this self taught artist have any wisdom worthy of sharing with anyone especially you if you’ve made it this far?  Because if your here with me you have a curosity which has lead you to wonder if you align with me in my Truth.  I believe that the changes  and expansion that is taking place in our culture the ones that “Need” to happen and those that are happening as our wisdom grows through the conduit of our Right Brain thinking.  It is our imagination and creativity that leads us toward the solution of little and great problems.  It is our right brain that takes over when the left brain has exhausted all it knows.  It is our right brain who holds the torch of light when the left brain goes dark.  It is Right thinking that will both heal and grow you into a new moment.  It was my right brain who took over in a moment my left brain was injured by an environmental exposure.  Because I had grown access to my right thinking it lead me through the darkness of the illness I’m still recovering.  This last year I wasn’t the most efficient as my logical sequential thinking was wounded my right brain took the lead and even my darkest moments carried a spark of light to my future.  I believe we should all be armed with the full capacity of our thinking.

In 2007 I declared “I Am an Artist” now I realize what I was saying was I’m committed to allow my right brain to develop and be if not more important in the way I think, perceive and now create my future.  It was in that moment that I allowed my right brain to lead the way into my personal emotional healing crisis, which lead to a physical manifestation of art work and then took my canvas work into a larger world of conceptual art which then expanded again into seeing my concepts and ideas be birthed from my right thinking into the world of left brain seeing, touching and feeling.  It took the original dream and hobby and moved it into my daily work and occupation.  Now I’m far beyond the original dream my left brain once held the power to define.  What I saw as truth then has grown from a younger scared broken girl into a fearless (right brains don’t understand the concept of fear or courage they just be undefined), whole, inspired, expressing woman.  With a fire in my heart to share all the nuggets of wisdom I gathered along the way and to plant as many seeds into the collective sub consiousness minds of those my journey crosses,  to open up and send out an invitation to allow this great tool to work with you-allow the right brain to give you the gifts it was designed for you to be.

My left brain wants me to acknowledge I’ve spent more time promoting right brain thinking and I do so as I see a culture both in my backyard and beyond dominated by an imbalance of left brain thinking style.  My perspective has grown as my work has had me paint with viewers from all over the world.  I see the challenge in America as our school systems, appropriate cultural attitude and communities are measured by the left brain success ruler.  My work is ultimately about balance and how to use all you are to be the greatest expression you can be!

Albert Einstein also was quoted to say “Logic will take you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere” 

Won’t you take this journey with me.  Going beyond our dreams when we allow our left and right brain to collaborate and realize how to become master dreamers, dreaming ourselves into the next greatest story of our lives!

Right ON!  Brandi C. 

If your curious about what your right brain has to offer come by my studio.  Open paint sessions, classes given by local artist and events focused on right thinking are happening all the time.  If you live outside of Fort Worth dream with me that I might pop uP in your town.  Playing With Paint has a 2016 dream to be on the road.  Come take an adventure Turn Right you’ll find me!  Check out Brandi Cottingham Art on Facebook

Brandi Warhol

Brandi C. Art & Playing with Paint is committed to create individual and group experiences where art is used as a conduit to grow the participant in one moment of action.  Brandi has worked with groups from  2 years of age to 500+ participants spanning 5 continents.  See more collaboration pieces at www.brandicottingham.me

Everyday I make connections with individuals and organization’s with a desire to add Right Thinking into their lives and practices.  If you would like to see this work grow and be used as a powerful tool in our public schools, mental health programs, VETs, Recovery programs and more decide to add your mark and be a sponsor to see this work grow into all aspects of our communities.  Donate Here its not about the amount its about the choosing it was Right thinking used to take 5 fish and feed 5000.




About brandicottingham

I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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9 Responses to Left in the Dark Turn Right

  1. paula mcmillen says:


    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Godby Jennifer says:

    Hi Brandi! I’m loving and appreciating your art more and more and more.
    Miss you though! Love, Jenny G


    • Each project builds on the last. It took time to build my craft build legs and now wings. Those early days I only had a few believers and you my wonderful lady where one of those first “Yes” powerful woman in my world breathing life into my passion. Thank you for continuing to remind me when this dance began and for your now decade long support and love for me to fly!


  3. Kim Robbins says:

    That sounds awesome Brandi! Glad you are doing better.


  4. Andrew says:

    “I see the challenge in America as our school systems, appropriate cultural attitude and communities are measured by left brain ruler success.”

    I am at a conference where the head of the NEH is talking about the education of the whole child/person. He noted that at Stanford University, with an undergraduate population of 6000 students, that nearly 1000 are computer science majors.

    So a question: if success is measured by the left brain achievement/logic, are we in danger of losing an essential quality of our humanity? Would nearly every community of workers, students, grow through right brain experience?


    • What is cool about the time we live is that we are seeing the sole value of left brain logic exhausted. Patterns of industry, business, social concepts and scholastic curriculum are either reinventing themselves or die. Finding themselves Irrelevant in the coming age. Take Fundraising and the 501c3 model now being shadowed by Crowd Source Funding. Just investing in what ones loves and wants to see exist. Maybe that is research for a disease or maybe its a new business one wants to have in their community. Either way it’s changing the way we ask and give monies for causes and new business. The sequential thinking and “Top Dog” awards of our past are being exchanged by a new movement. A multi-faceted world where we approach all things in many ways and see the value grow beyond a destination and into a more powerful un-contained spirit that thrives. We celebrated the Berlin Wall coming down and now we see the cubicles in corporate America also falling, as the embrace of intuitive right brain function connecting us into a whole person and then connecting our thoughts with our teams, families, co-workers and communities. I think Steve Jobs is a great example of a balanced thinker with his right brain leading the way. From reading his story I can see his right brain dominance. He was holistic focused on his diet, mediation and way of life. He dropped out of the left brain degreed scholastic world from being graded and took classes because he enjoyed learning not to have something like a degree or the acclaim attached to this measurement. He was unruly, progressive and challenging he was “Crazy” in the site of a left brain dominated world. His products and business model are changing the way we create and the way we do business. As I type on my beloved Mac Computer I will leave you with this; the next time you hire an employee, doctor, lawyer, or make a new friend do you want that person to be one sited? Or will both your mind and heart be looking for someone who communicates both?



    Great article, you have a talent for writing and expressing. Your Dad has more of that. I do not. Always enjoy reading your writings.

    xoxo Mom


  6. I see you as more of a right brain thinker however in your line of work you are required to spend more time in your left brain. I believe the expression is in you. Maybe someday your world will be crafted in a way that will allow more of your expression to come forth. Because when you have let it out it’s one of the most beautiful expressions I seen. I am the seed you all planted!


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