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Giving 2’s Day

    With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind today is Giving Tuesday.  As I sat and sifted thorough my inbox I decided on my own invitation.  It takes 2 for an exchange. My invitation is for us to make … Continue reading

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Cross My Heart And Hope To Fly

Works from Project Success Young Artist Art Love Event  If you’ve been in ear shot you’ve heard me preach about the amazing experience Tuesday nights at The Cop Shop has brought into my life.  It’s no secret my belief … Continue reading

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See Like An Artist

  It’s been too long for the writer in me since we last came together through these words in a moment of shared consiousness.  Many inspired topics have flown through my mind like the virtual world seems to have speed … Continue reading

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Left in the Dark Turn Right

One of my favorite historical minds was quoted in saying; “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” ― Albert Einstein This week I had the privilege share my life work with some … Continue reading

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2015 A Broken Wing Heals Spirit to Fly

2015 A toast to 2015 and all it gave to inspired me.  The year started with me facing a health crisis.  Challenging my motherhood, my work and all that was my “normal.” I embarked on a journey which would bring me … Continue reading

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Learning How Angels Are Born

I believe in angels both in of the celestial world and the courageous ones who choose to mingle with earthlings. I have one that hangs above my bed reminding me to be open and allow the power they give to … Continue reading

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Frito Lay entices Collaborative Competition

My work has brought me another great gift, after many years  “The Approval” of my 12-year-old son!   I thought I had claimed this mark after completing a project with CAT INC. brand earlier in the year.  With Logan’s fascination … Continue reading

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Let the Children Roar

Do you wonder what children think?  How they feel about themselves, their friends, families and the culture they grow?  I didn’t know these answers would inspire me until they started pouring into my life during a Pop uP Studio session … Continue reading

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A Toast to Fort Worth Arts Council

Spring Gallery Night 2015 reveals a sweet treat! The Reveal of 2 objects whose design started to come into sight during 2014.  Fort Worth’s Arts Council created a platform to reach out and invite the community to see Art come … Continue reading

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“The Cat’s Meow”

Thank you Caterpillar Inc. for launching me into my 2015 work!  Before this experience get’s logged into my memory (the ones I file under AWESOME!) I want to write out the verbal tale from my vantage point.  Sharing my new … Continue reading

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