Elegantly Colaborating!

  A courageous group of local artisans spent the afternoon first working the mental meaning of collaboration and then off to  the races we painted for hours collaborating with each other passing canvas, palettes tools and stories!  What did we learn?  Tossing that Compromise Word out of our vocabulary and defiantly the act of compromise out of our way of being!  When we compromise we withhold a truth or give up on apart of ourself which matters to us in order to align with the other or group.  When we collaborate we find an intersection of common goals where all involved are expanded. The distinction in a mental picture looks like compromise cutting off parts of ourselves to fit into something verses in collaboration we see expansion into something larger and greater.  
Image 2
 Living as an artist is to live Truth.  Being willing to constantly self observe and remove the lies and layers between current thought and authentic knowing.  When life is “Bugging You” try asking the question…..What is the Lie?  Weather perceived or actual an artist can not create authentic art from a lie.  Passion, aliveness and growth are qualities of Truth.  If Truth is the root system only beauty can grow.   Whatever One is collaborating, be it with another person, group or even the process of collaborating with Life. If you desire to have passion’s glow, flow, aliveness, joy and love these all grow from Truth.    Anyone can wear the mask they are these qualities, however the keen eye, the observer,  seasoned critic see’s the difference between a form created from imitation and the one that was built by a true craftsman!
 Recently (Like 5 min ago) I heard myself screaming to a dear friend, “Sweet and Low makes you fat” Eat the

Image 7

Real Thing!  People who sell positive are like sweet and low feeding the ego which then becomes low again and craves the sweet,  but real wholesome energy feeds the soul.  Authenticity feeds the soul!  Whatever your art form be it motherhood to community leader, I invite you to collaborate with your authenticity,  shed a lie today and reveal the inspiration and aliveness which resides in the shadows.  Be willing to be your truth with those you share your life.  Make a choice, either  accessorize your life with prints which came from a process where high volume is valued or be a demand for the REAL thing, A  One- Of- A- Kind Original!  Decide if you value compromise or are you willing to go all the way in the spirit of collaboration, to find the place you intersect with another even if it takes a longer, wider and deeper journey than your normal approach.  The Truth in Collaborating with my Art is the Willingness to be open to the process, accept the bumps and bruises with a dose of grace and allow the masterpiece to be revealed.  Striving to be the first-rate version of myself, instead of the second-rate version of someone else!    Image 3Brandi C. & Kim McMillian- Owner and Lead Designer Elegant Design Studio
I had the privilege to Collaborate on The Lilly B Clayton Peace Pole for this Years Art Auction.
whoa thank goodness it went for so much money!!! Universal Mother is Happy.
thank you friend to  my left for extending your beauty pageant wave during my introduction!
When One doesn’t want to claim Achievement for the First Rate Version of Self one should have a friend who will stand in place for you, as you duck under table pretending to hunt for the crumb you dropped,  and she tosses up her arm and smiles!  Then shoves the entire cake in your face and says It’s your time girl!  Eat it!!!

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I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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4 Responses to Elegantly Colaborating!

  1. Susan says:

    You say it well, and love the photo of my favorite artists


  2. Susan Gaston says:

    Love it, it should be on fb girlfriend so we can all collaborate more 😉

    Sent from my iPad


    • You’ve inspired me to join FB You’ll be getting a friend reguest soon!!! I’ve lost track of which part of the world you may be, atleast with FB I can always be with you and you with me! B


  3. GARY W BISHOP says:

    Are those your paintings, I really like the colors and subjects, really different.  Could use a new painting or two in my lhouse.   We will discuss when I see you again   Luv Uncle


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