The Original Eve

Today I celebrate my Grandmothers 90 birthday.  In honor of her and the seeds of

Dot & Walt 1/2015 (Eve with her Adam)

Dot & Walt 1/2015
(Eve with her Adam)

inspiration she sewed in me, both the ones from the care of her nurture and the genetic ones embedded in my DNA.  I give a declaration to spend the remainder of my years honoring the gifts she has given to me.

My Grandmother is a brilliant and talented Woman who masked her artistic expression with the demands of motherhood and as an importunate and loyal wife.  As a young women she earned perfect marks in school and was granted a full scholarship to Indianapolis based Herron School of Art.  As I type these words I wonder how different her life would be if she had felt she could afford the .05 cents daily bus fare, had been encouraged to seize the opportunity and grow the artist which yearned to be alive in her.

I remember as a child finding canvas work amongst the items stored away in the home my  mother was raised.  In my curiosity to know the story behind these items the memory was marked as she shrugged off their importance as something she had used during a different time in her life.  However the heart-break is as real for me today as it was for the small child in me to hear.    The sadness I perceived as she spoke to me, only once, the tale I share with you today.

"Eat The Apple" 24x48 Acyrlic & Ink on Canvas 2014 Gallery Brandi C. Art 827 Currie St. Fort Worth, TX

“Eat The Apple”
24×48 Acyrlic & Ink on Canvas 2014
Gallery Brandi C. Art
827 Currie St. Fort Worth, TX

Today it’s time for my alchemist to take this story into my work.  It was my grandmother who brought me the newspaper article of another artist offering and encouraged me to develop the Playing with Paint Classes.  It was this Eve who spoke to the Eve inside of me to continue to reveal herself.  This woman has believed and nurtured every version of my expression.  She may not have chosen to manifest her artist in a way of creating “works of art ” as objects unless one denies my being as a conduit of her expression.

As a child I committed to this women I would take care of her just as she so lovingly took care of me.  These days she reminds me of this commitment and my absence from her daily life.   Today I will finally honor this commitment!

"Eve's Apple"

“Eve’s Apple”        2011 24×48 Acrylic & Oil on Canvas  Michael’s Cuisine                  Fort Worth TEXAS

In honor of my original Eve, Dorothy Jean,  I’m giving away some “Apples”  for every consideration given to Brandi C. Art 2015.  I will gift a class to a child who may not have the financial resources to know their artistic expression.   2015 I will be offering “The Apple of my Eye” space, in my personal studio, focused on communicating and nurturing the artist which lives in us all.  The invitation to be in studio as a group experience or choose an individual adventure.  Continuing to honor and expand the artist in me by creating a space for the artist in you to know yourself expressed!   And the seed of my Eve will grow on…Always Celebrating!  Brandi C.

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I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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2 Responses to The Original Eve

  1. Ellen Robinson says:

    This is so fucking beautiful. 

    Ellen Robinson Inspire http:\\ http:\\ (317) 201-1399


  2. Jenny Godby says:

    Well, Ellen took the words right out of my mouth! Seriously, Brandi, it’s so special to see your art and it’s evolutions. Thanks for sharing with me and so many others.
    Sending love & hugs,


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