“The Cat’s Meow”


“The Cat’s Meow” 2015 48×48 Acrylic & Ink on Canvas Caterpillar Inc. Corporate Event Worthington Hotel Fort Worth, TX

Thank you Caterpillar Inc. for launching me into my 2015 work!  Before this experience get’s logged into my memory (the ones I file under AWESOME!) I want to write out the verbal tale from my vantage point.  Sharing my new perspective on a Brand which has lived in my son’s toy box, miniature signs of the equipment parked in his daddies lot to which he yearns to drive.


The canvas becomes the voice for to the message.


The design gives the viewer inspiration and focus.

Pop uP Studio entered the Corporate world in 2014 giving me the opportunity to bring my artist process into the lives of those who run some of the major brands we use and see everyday.  Cat Inc. brought to me a new challenge as they called and launched their wants and desire; Pop uP Studio, IMG_9218invite  450+ viewers from, North and South America, to become artist in the moment, create an original piece of art capturing the story and messages of Cat Inc. people, 36 hours to finalize than reveal to organization as the retirement gift to executive, who by the way is considered one of  innovators of the Cat Inc. brand!  Go…

During the live event I was able to connect with people from many parts of the world Haiti, Brazil, Mexico & Canada spring out in my mind.  Inviting these very logical, male dominated population to enter the right side of their brain, observe their personal relationship with their work, and the colleague they would honor.   I learned many things during this experience and debunked a very large lie in my own mind.  Men love to talk!  I watched the room become alive through conversation, a belief I had stored for the women folk.  I also saw the care this organization gave to capturing the details of a trusted colleague knowing their message would live on in his life as he departed their world.  The smart phone became the tool of the evening as images Googled for the accurate symbolism to be placed on canvas.

The Viewer Artist has spoken.

The Viewer Artist has spoken.

The I-Phone became the conduit to pull up pictures of The Black Berry IMG_9248as the artist took great time and care to get every detail formed in his rendering.  The desire for others to let me know what mattered to their colleague as they collaborate with the further direction the piece will travel.

As I felt into this group, their story and how they express themselves as a whole I see more words to share about the Artist which lies in us all.  As the world is transforming driven by the technology era it’s imperative we are all able to find balance between both our left and right brains.  Technology is speeding up the pace we live our lives.  In the past daily patterns could live a life time and translate to generations, now as we merge information and understanding these patterns from our past find the end without any relevance to continue they expire.  When the left brain logic is exhausted it is our right brain which will be the bridge, through the expansion of new ideas, concepts, dreams and vision while our logic is able to create new patterns and understanding to grow in life.   Our Logic is comprised and defined by what we’ve learned and understood in this lifetime.  If we just live in logic we only have access to that which is understood.  Our right brain speaks for the subconscious which houses our intuition, creativity, innovations it is our dreamer!

IMG_9255 IMG_9252 IMG_9251IMG_9286IMG_9245IMG_9243

The evening with Cat, Inc. had me creating a piece for a man who had spent his career as an innovator in his field.  It was my honor to use both my right and left brain to honor this achievements for using both of his.  In America we value the left brain and what it can accomplish.  Being “Right” having it “Right” “Doing” your best is a left brain function.   Being different and having ideas which have no proof “it” can exist can define the progressive thinkers of our time as weird, crazy and in my case a Heretic to my tribes logical beliefs.  Share your dreams you may be on to something…

As I got to know the man to which I was painting “The Cat’s Meow” I fell in love with his story.  Through his Artist he designed and lead Cat Inc. into the technology era.  Believing in his dreams & visions he took a pattern of structured machinery and translated into the technology era.  Which inspired his co-workers in a moment in time to reach over and access their right brain,  become innovative in their thought to courageously grab a tool (paint brush) and speak in a foreign language (painting) in front of the colleagues, bosses & employees and try something new bending their logic for a moment and allowing to go where the risk can not be measured and analyzed in an impromptu experience where only action will set you free!


“The Cat’s Meow” finished Piece & copies can be viewed and purchased at http://www.brandicottingham.me


Jerry Pops in to the outdoor studio space created for my Motherhood to share time with my artist as I work and children sleep.

Playing with Paint is a team effort.  Thank you to the my artist friend Jerry Wenninger for inserting his expression!  (Important to get all those Minnesota professional sports teams honored)!

Brandi C. Art is committed to create platforms of social change through activating the creativity of the Viewer through experiential action of Playing with Paint! Pop uP Studio creates events for all ages in Corporate and Private settings. More information Reply to this post.

IMG_9298“The Cat’s Meow” finished Piece & copies can be viewed and purchased at www.brandicottingham.me  

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I'm a self taught artist, blogger, mom, bone collector, creative passionate soul with my life work to connect the collective consciousness to a lifestyle of "Right Thinking" meaning allowing the right brain creativity and imagination to flow through all aspects of life!
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  1. Ellen Robinson says:

    I am writing about this VERY thing in my newsletter. Love this story. I got tears in my eyes. Could feel all of those beautiful beings. Everyone is LOVE.


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    This is great!! I love that you can order from here.

    You have great expression, love the direction you are going!!

    xoxo Mom


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