Three Headed Dragon


Pop uP Studio “Toast Has Talent Event.” Finished off the Year with the 2nd annual invitation creates a series, started in 2013. The Arts Council of Fort Worth


“Talented in Fort Worth” December 2014 Worthington Hotel, FW Texas


I started a blog post on 12/19/14 which reads in front of me as I realize the truth of the current state of my affairs.  So many moments the thoughts crossed my attention to share my gratitude for the abundance of experiences received in 2014.  Over 30 days later, I revisit this draft,  now deeply into my relationship with this New Year I reach back to find the portal through my words to express the feelings of my time spent in 2014.

I find the door of vulnerability placed before my minds eye with the invitation to share, potentially become whole, through revealing to the reader more than the summation of my year.  A more profound action for me to shed light on this Back Alley Artist and place attention on that which is lurking the shadows.

I still yearn to keep these December words in place;    Feeling through so many amazing projects I could share.  The realization of how my dreams to be in my work became the awareness to the Super Hero viewers who became artist with me and the friendships solidified along this path.  Bonus!  How many stories I gathered throughout the year as my work grew and my reach became longer.  All the supporters and contributors to my back alley as if with every dream a group of angels  showed up for the labor it would take to get each piece birthed.  Working as a “type A” girl I can be a Stallion for the details, with the root system similar to a giant oak tree keeping the focus on these projects until it fully reveals precise and aligned with the original vision.  The collaborations and merging of our lives is forever captured in the projects we created together, your inspiration the catalyst of my future work and in the essence of the words I write.  It is my favor to have shared these moments with you. IMG_8550 IMG_8573 IMG_8620 IMG_8647 IMG_8659 IMG_7672 IMG_7924 IMG_7939 IMG_7847 IMG_7959 IMG_8034 Wish with Wings Wish Kids 2014-16 IMG_8346 IMG_8256 IMG_1928 IMG_1914 IMG_8544 IMG_8722IMG_7860 IMG_8122 IMG_8319 IMG_8384 IMG_8453 IMG_8520 IMG_8578 IMG_8668 IMG_8682 IMG_8869 IMG_8847

Along this journey the distractions came, many moments like a hurricane to the vulnerable terrain of my own ecosystem.   I wasn’t able to hold the original course taking turns for quieter passage.  This Brandi had to find my port and allow the sailors to continue on their way(still hanging on to the fact I was named after those depressing song lyrics!)   I’ve found the moment to share the additional journey I find myself traveling.

2014 has caused me to look at Wellness from a different point of view, the perspective of loosing it and the journey to reclaim my balance.  The journey to find  my wellness became increasingly relevant as the “good” days have been over shadowed by the ones when the symptoms take center stage.  Masking my truths with a story of food sensitivities I moved through social functions and maintained what felt like my normal.   Dot Dot Dot.  Doctors, Homopaths, Nathropaths, Accupuntist, Chinese Medicine, Standing on my Head, Nurtritionist, Immunologist, Toxicologist, Blood, Urine, Hair Test, Histimine intolerance, Mast Cells degranulation, chelation therapy.  Translated into my world turning focus to Yoga, Organic everything, Magic Water, herbs, essential oils, massage, trips to the mountains, 00 flour from Europe, black market goat cheese,  Non GMO,  non macro-toxins, hours of research, high altitude coffee, chelating agents, low histamine, gluten free, only from the farmers market, activated coconut charcoal, live blood, infrared saunas, Samee, Phosphorus Acid and Peppermint Gum!   Oh I will not bore your reader with any more words or the details behind them only to connect this very important DOT;   The journey continues…. My artist logic has become the center part of my wellness.  As I mirror the logic behind my studio work with my approach to my personal health.  I’m creating my wellness Team! No longer living in the illusion of One Doctor, their One opinion giving me ONE option.  I’ve gained acceptance to group of other committed “artist” who’s life work is expressed  in the medical or wellness fields.  Each one in agreement they are part and contributor to my wellness collaboration project!  I’m giving each with their own unique view point equal credit that with all these amazing minds I will find the treatments which align with my personal choices in regards to my Health care.   A whole picture starts to reveal.  My Chinese Medicine Dr. speaks in terms of “The Three Headed Dragon” my DO translates into “Syndrome X” with toxic over load,  My toxicologist speaks of being ” A Sensitive” all to which has become furtile ground to explore and research my options.   Here is what my artist does know.  I will NOT put down my brush! IMG_4454.JPG I may have to move over to the the right lane for a moment, however I will make the choices today that will honor the choices I made Years ago as I  started to make changes in my lifestyle to allow my artist to reveal herself.  Giving up Prime Time TV, early morning  journaling sessions, 30 miles of walking each week to flow out my thoughts,  tossing out the sugar and white flour FOREVER, hours spent alone in my studio working through my techniques, I Am Discourses, reading as a way of mediation and gaining knowledge on how to connect to my true nature every intentional investment of my personal resources into this passion.  After many years these ritual have become deeply imbedded patterns to my daily life.

Gluten Free Kale Cookies

Gluten Free Kale Cookies


Santa Fe 2014

Today I will take action which will honor the part of me who first choose this journey , as I also make choices and plant seeds for the artist who yearns to know this work in the future (Back Alley Art Studio opens Feb. 1).  I’m surrendered to Her, the girl who dreams all these dreams, to this moment as I write and bridge the gap between my silence and my desire for you to know I care and will do whatever it takes to join you  in 2015.  I bow to the past through my reflections and to the amazing future in my site.  She is asking me to cocoon again, this may look to the viewer I’m absent however dormancy is not a truth I own, restructuring in preparation for the next projects which are requiring the adult artist in me to reveal herself and allow for the next metamorphosis!   Prepping for Flight-Brandi C.


Circa 2008 Painted while I was the Cocoon For Sydney Lauren

Peek A Boo

“Peek a Boo” 2011


“Wish With Wings” 2014 Collaboration Wish Kids


“Beautifully Brokent” Summer 2014


“Freed & Flying” 2014


"Broken & Beautiful" Burlap, Acrylic & Ink on Canvas June 2014

“Broken & Beautiful”
Burlap, Acrylic & Ink on Canvas
June 2014



2014 Collaboration Project Sydney Lauren & Momma


“Recovered Resource” 2014 Colaboration Project Recover Resource





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Crafting A World of Creative Expression


“Clear To Fly” Recovery Resource Women’s Recovery Group

20 Women are asked to collaborate on the Theme  Recovery from Addiction.  No boundaries just express!  I facilitate the event and later finalize the piece in studio.

20 Women are asked to collaborate on the theme;  Recovering from Addiction. No boundaries just express! I facilitate the event and later finalize the piece in studio.

I recently gave a bid to a local organization with the desire to create a unique event for their “Young Professional Group.”  The fantastic women running the event had heard about me and my work through two of my favorite friends & promoters (MAM & Santa).  The sparks of imagination flew between us as she announced her wishes and I crafted the event.  From the first moments it was clear the event would manifest as the energy was already building fast and furious.  One can imagine my shock when the correspondence came the group was leaning more towards the classes where everyone paints the same thing.  hmmm curiosity.

Playing with Paint each participant is encouraged to create their own original piece of work around a central theme.

Playing with Paint each participant is encouraged to create their own original piece of work around a central theme.

As I stayed in  my wonderment of  Why the obvious was more appealing  then the unique, my daughters school delivered me a message.  As I entered Kinderplatz to gather my girl the KFA Newsletter jumped into eyesight.  Across the front Page “Art Vs Crafts” this wonderful article aligned with my own mission in my work.  I was not alone in my thinking!  The author simple states the distinction between Art as an unstructured and free experience to create whatever one wants with minimal intrusion from the instructor.  Verse Crafts, by contrast, are structured, follow a pattern and instruction or direction leads to a desired product.  This author believes crafts are overused in schools by teachers who is not properly trained in art. (I ask the question is it training in Art or Creativity?)  I believe crafts are overused in a society where free thinking and originality are feared and the value to get that “A” with that one “right answer” and the need for approval has generated a culture where being a good mimic is ones final destination.

My son Logan "Going to Work with Mom Day"

My son Logan “Going to Work with Mom Day”

Logan inspired by our first TCU football game!

Logan inspired by our first TCU football game!

I admit I also love a good craft!   I was raised by a grandmother who always carried a pattern of her  latest craft she was building.  She took the time to share these with me and I believe those moments became my first lessons on using my hands as the tool I continue to create.  I also find for myself their is a value in both, Art & Craft, in my home, my life and what I share with my children.  However, I see the greatness and power that lies in those who choose to develop their unique expression.  I don’t spend as many hours in my studio as one might assume being a working artist.  I find my creativity is expressed largely in the kitchen (what can I make out of whats in the cabinet without another trip to the store?), in my household budget (how can I live abundantly on a “Starving Artist” salary?)and mostly in my daily schedule (being a single mom of 2 active children how do I design our life to be everywhere at once and feel peace?).


How Pancakes are created from my Mother’s Kitchen.

I believe Art is a active state while Craft is an inactive state.  Art is about “being” and craft is  focused on “doing.”  During her last visit to Texas my mother brought a “Paint by Number” project into my home at first I thought “Sacrilege!”  And then I saw through my judgement as her way to participate around my dining room table of art projects!   My mother would admit she would rather Craft than Art when it comes to painting.  However give her the task to create a centerpiece and she’ll be in the back yard collecting pine cones and trimming the branches off a Fir Tree!  I write this post only to bring forth the idea of distinctions.  To be aware of what we choose, opportunities we choose the ones we don’t and the power which lies in giving ourselves the freedom to know our creativity.  My invitation is to go on a journey take both paths and see for yourself what these ways will bring to you.  I love a good craft as an introduction into something new.  Once I get comfortable with the new medium it doesn’t take long until I’m bending and molding the pattern into my own unique expression!  It’s just how I Be with what I Do!  Allowing the Balance!  Keep Expressing-BIMG_8731

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Let the Goggles See


Arts Google 2015 Broadway and Bryan Landers Machine Building

IMG_8664 IMG_8672 IMG_8674I’m on the fly no time for a edit this invitation to see the latest spectacle being launched on the near south side of Fort Worth.  Not a car ride away no worries our first piece SOLD this AM by one of our favorite northern collectors.

The last 4 weeks the plans have been in design to launch this celebration of local and national artist, curators, collectors, viewers and critics.  Today is a moment when all these converge to create a gigantic Art celebration in the streets and buildings of the near south side of FW.  Streets will be closed to make stages for live music and Pop up Gallery spaces for local artist.  Food trucks and vendors are busy creating their spaces to give to the community who joins the event.


Sydney Lauren heArt piece.

This is just one point of view I had the privilege to be working behind the scenes for the last 4 weeks.  Meeting with artist, installers, collectors, building owners, caterers and muiscians designing an event within the event to celebrate creativity utilizing this spirit as a conduit to connect with my community.

When I say art to be shown by artist what I mean is our neighbors we live with that may have a “Day Job” lawyers, doctors, mail room clerks, ranch hands, cowboys, teachers, graphic designers, moms, children and if you come find me you too will become an artist shown in today’s show!  IMG_8677Come hear the story of our town and country how our neighbors interpret history and current affairs.

I have many intimate conversations this month speaking to an amazing group of “Artist” who for some today is about sharing their intimacy through their art.  Defined by many as monumental leap of faith to be received by friends and community.  Of course for some selling work today is part of their resources to continue their craft and support their families and for others its a moment share their story.


Brandi C. & Sydney Lauren Collaboration


Peter Manion heArt pieces submitted or Arts Google 2015 by Back Alley Artist who took up the challenge to create a works on paper around the theme of “Heart” all works priced between $50-$300


Jerry Wenninger


Chad Isham

For me it’s about sharing the space with all these artist.  Late into the night prepping homemade Italian flour pizza dough and my signature “kale cookies” to feed my artist friends and all who come to see our show.  Its about being apart of something bigger than my own imagination and playing my roles within the larger mechanism.  Today is about choosing to know something new about myself and the others I share my time.  Come create with us.  Be the viewer,  critic (of food and art) and artist by creating something out of nothingness  a memory that will forever live on in the canvas of your mind!

Keep Expressing-Brandi C. IMG_8666

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Recover Your Resources

"Camp L4" 24x36 Acrylic & Ink on Canvas

“Camp L4”
24×36 Acrylic & Ink on Canvas Proceeds of this painting funded 20 children Playing with Paint Class.  For more information to commission a collaboration piece and fund an out reach program for Children contact Brandi C. for details.  


A Toltec is an artist of Love,

an Artist of the Spirit,

someone who is creating every moment

every second, the most beautiful art-

the Art of Dreaming.

-Don Miguel Ruiz The Mastery of Love

As a child going to camp was one of my most anticipated and coveted part of summertime. This summer I had two dreams converge with the invitation to Pop uP my studio at Camp Carter.  Spending the afternoon with 20 children being served by a new love of mine Recovery Resource Council.  I had the privilege to share my dream of being an artist during Camp L4.IMG_0623

 Becoming a “Full Time” artist has offered me the opportunity to expand my creativity and imagination beyond past boundaries.  The magic of asking questions is my artist way to expand my mental constructs.  Last July I found myself in a myriad of the same question; “How many ways can I express my artist to grow a viable business model”?   Another way to say “What Resources am I and how can I utilize my resources (talents & strengths) to create my life work in a meaningful way which will provide the resources to care for my family”?  Asking these questions took me on an excavation adventure into identifying and exploring my self and all the resources I be.  At first it was the glaring obvious ones as the business model grew the excavation went deeper I still needed more avenues more options for success which meant I had to reveal more, claim more and choose to be more.  And as I  continued to push the boundaries and definitions I had agreed was me I found additional resources by imagining and dreaming my way into an entire new reality.

Camp L4 marked the 1 year anniversary of my past dream.  The year of the mantra, “Get up everyday and do my best work, share my imagination and creativity in a powerful way to bring beauty to myself and those lives I touch”.  Camp L4 falls under the part of my business named Outreach.  Working with organizations who serve the underprivileged children in our community.  The process is simple, inviting 20 children to become an artist with me and create an original piece of art inspired by the core values of Camp L4 to Live, Love, Laugh & Learn while each artist works on their own work.   I open the children’s mind with the fun of creativity and while they focus on painting what they love about camp I start a conversation and intentionally start planting seeds into their subconscious minds.  Reminding them to Dream their biggest dreams.  Over and over as they play with the paint I use my words to create a mantra for them that if they Dream and Imagine they can dream their way into the life they want to live.  I only have a short time with these children before they return to the foster homes and shelters.  But I cling onto every moment inviting my motherhood to embrace the room spraying out my nurture in every direction as I challenge them to paint the symbols, words and use colors on the canvas as a daily reminder of my message, Camp L4 message and more important the message they uncover about themselves.

I know I may never cross paths with these cherished souls.  I work intentionally to leave my mark on their hearts.  Can I be so Bold to imagine my life work may change the belief of a child as I share the very technique which changed my life?  Yes!  I will continue to dream about more ways I can work with these children.  I will dream about more funding and resources being exposed to continue to dream about more dreaming!    As the class time ends the children will take their own masterpiece with them which will continue to remind them of the moments we spent together.  The larger collaboration piece will be sent to the donor who funded this class and out of our imaginations new art exist inspired by the camps mantra to Live, Love, Learn & Laugh everyday!  And my mantra to become courageous dreamers imagining a new life with every resource needed can be found inside us.   I believe we are all Toltec Artist and life is just our dream!  Will you be a courageous dreamer and dream bold dreams with me?  Keep Dreaming- Brandi C. 

IMG_7239 IMG_6952 Image

Logan 2007

Logan 2007

Brandi C. Art & Playing with Paint work with local organizations creating new programing to reach the lives of children through the act of artistic expression.  The purchase of these Collaboration pieces created by the children & Brandi C. generate funding for more programming.   Please contact me if you would like to commission a piece of art which will provide funding for more children to experience the power of Creative Expression.  

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"GateKeeper" Amon Carter Museum 2014 AAMD Event

“GateKeeper” Amon Carter Museum 2014 AAMD Event

“Tell Me and I’ll forget.

Show me and I may remember;

involve me and I will understand.”

– Chinese Proverb


As I type these words they in themselves become a kind of love letter as I prepare my self to deliver the piece which launched this summer and became a time stamp for my work. I must admit its very common for tears to be part of the material I use in my painting. I’ve seldom known them to appear as I write. Today they hover, just before breaking point, and cloud my vision as another symbol of the depth this piece has become to mean to me.IMG_0625

In my 41 years I’ve mostly felt like an outsider, misfit and odd to the normal around me. I would also say few observers in my life would agree as my desire to be involved, masked these feelings, has mostly been the driving force to connect with my culture. My life work has developed as I gained the strength to look inside and use the outside world as my contrast, putting into context my personal life story verse the collective consciousness. No longer being separate from but as a collaboration to produce my best self which allows me to give my best service to my community.

I deliver “Gatekeeper” today to the Amon Carter Museum. The dynamics of this project continues to unfold as I see the culmination of the past which lead me to this project and the trajectory this project is launching my work into the future. I laugh as I sit her capturing these powerful feelings my computer sends little distractions of incoming emails to which a friend inserts himself IMG_1890 “You are in the right place to grow and to innovate. It is a wild ride”!  He is correct this ride which started to undulate as my conversation with the Amon Carter began and “Gatekeeper” started to reveal itself. IMG_8508 After, Dr. Walker shared his excitement of housing his peers, Museum Directors from North and South America, in his museum for a cocktail party, during the national conference for AAMD, I started to build my studio! As he added the details of their discussions and care to look at the future of the Museum world. Looking into how life was quickly changing and how would society want to receive art, look at art and be with art in the future? How does any of our past ways in entering our community stay relevant during these exciting times as technology shifts our perspective and desires? An interesting set of questions I ask personally and see my struggle in life coming from ideas and beliefs I could phase out and redesign life in a new more brilliant way.

Out of my boldness or naiveté, depends on who is telling the story me choosing the later, I asserted Pop uP Studio into the evening. I say naiveté as I know I’m unable to find my red wine at the museum events for obvious reasons of protecting the fine art it houses. And, now I’m declaring bringing red paint, lots of paint and allowing the paint to be used by many who’ve rarely if ever practiced this craft. (This is where my father has head under his desk and recognizes the rebel child has still not “grown up!”) Another great question I’ve started to ask; is my naiveté fuel for my boldness? And, with this question I find a perfect purpose of being naive and embrace that which lacks full logic.

Enter the 90 min process, I invite what I call the “Gatekeepers” of the Art World, and ask them to collaborate in a piece of Art which will captures the collective consciousness of The Museum Directors of North and South America.


Photos by Chuck Shanelever

IMG_1852 IMG_1844 IMG_1843 IMG_1842 IMG_1914 IMG_1899IMG_1873

I  probe into what is exciting about their role in the Art World and what they take with them, from this time together, as they analyze the future and how they will communicate Art to the World?

Dr. Walker and his team answered these questions by giving his peers the process of “GateKeeper” as if the canvas became the tablet of record. 150+ peers became part of the experience everyone playing the role they choose to play. Some as the painter, others continue to be perched as the critic they find familiar, all share in observing as the experience and the object reveals itself. What makes this experience so powerful is it’s perfect for each participant. Those who choose to try a variety of roles and get their personal mark on the canvas and others who gave the artist an audience.

My artist has cured my beliefs of being Weird! I’m still weird but in a way which I wouldn’t have myself be any other way! My artist needs to craft my work, my promoter desire to share it needs my critic to support moving towards my best work, and the observer who feeds them all. As I merged my archetypes in my head I’ve become closer to fully expressed being. Of course I can look around the room and see all the versions of myself reflected back into the faces of those I share the experiences. I find each process perfectly orchestrated as those who feel committed to the role they play and the ones who relish trying on many roles. For each role becomes a gate we enter and an experience which gives our thoughts definition of being involved in the world. We all are Gatekeepers, people who control access and decide what messages will be distributed into the world. Mine is to involve as many people into a process of understanding by experience and capturing our collective consciousness on canvas as a symbol of the beauty we naively be! What is your message? I wrap this letter as it’s time to deliver this piece of work which has become so dear and sends the message…..Keep the Gates Open! Always Expressing-Brandi C.



IMG_8544 IMG_8548 IMG_0625

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I Am An Experientialist!


Brandi C. at Amon Carter Museum June 2014 “GateKeeper” Project


I write this post with a sense of relief to speak into these words and bring forth this message.   Over my adult life I’ve loved human contact, I will delay any “very important work” with the call from a dear friend to spend hours sharing our interpretation on current states of affairs and especially a great cocktail party creating conversation with others a favorite source of Joy while also housing a great thorn.  Feeling the prick of human contact to deduce each other into a 30 sec summation based on the all to “Monster Under my Bed” question of “What do you Do for a Living?” Even when I “Did” something for a Job I still agonized on labeling myself in the way that seemed to arouse an anxiety as the proclamation was announced.


1991 The Girls Who shaped my Childhood


Best Friends Forever!

For years I’ve analyzed,  ruminated and spent many  journals asking myself the question “What do you Do for a Living?”  “Who are You?” Seeking the freedom I once claimed as an 8-year-old girl to boldly speak out “I want to be a dancer when I grow Up!” (my dance moves have evolved since spring break 91′)  I can remember a couple of years ago agonizing, over my trip home to the Mid West to join my childhood friends as we celebrate our 20 year reunion from High School, how would I answer the age-old question and define my entire life with one answer?  Which part of my life would I focus?  Where would I give credit?   What hat would I choose to wear that night as declaring all my titles would be laborious and quite frankly boring!  I never did come up with an “I Am” that felt honest and complete.  How could I starve my motherhood by announcing my artist or not give credit to the “Job” which paid my salary without regard to other roles I played within my community?  And why is this so important?  Ironically during my trip to Indy I don’t recall one person asking the haunting question.  However it steered an unrest I write today as a journey to put to bed this conflict after all these years.


“Freed & Flying” June 2014 Burlap, Acrylic and Ink on Canvas 12’x10′

Declaring ones “I Am” is to me the most important seed we plant to which our life grows.  I now know why for years I felt such anxiety over this seemingly innocent question.  To answer was to give ownership.  To believe in was to continue to create that version of myself.  My knowing has resisted declaring what I “Do” and has continued to have me be on adventure to who “I Be” in all aspects of my life.  I decided a few years ago I would let go the idea one should do one thing at a time (a big belief/lie I carried from my upbringing),  and place all focus on that one thing was the “Right Thing” to do.  This idea never felt good. For me life has become an abundant gathering of many things “I do” in order to have the richness of inspiration and passion flow through my daily work/life.  As I’ve realized what works for me I accepted the many hats I wear are all important to the contrast and support they less obviously give to each other.  Spending over 15 years in my families Real Estate business taught me many things and I bring forth the business mind I now apply to my Art business, running my household and to my approach to any aspect of life which requires my logical mind.  Quite frankly my accountant does not want to discuss depreciation with my emotional mind the lesson this year as I cried over broken pipes to realize it’s just business get the pipes fixed.  Motherhood has become the inspiration for a life altering transformation in order to create the woman my children desire to be raised and the nurture I share in my work with the many children I share my studio.  My life as an artist has been the platform for healing, revealing, leaping, risking and integrating all my worlds and then expanding into community.  My close friends have commented on their exhaustion of watching my project unfold over the last year.  With weariness I agree dream of a “boring” trip to the pool  and then declare “You’ll never imagine what I’m planning for next” I was born to fly!

"Broken & Beautiful" Burlap, Acrylic & Ink on Canvas June 2014

“Broken & Beautiful”
Burlap, Acrylic & Ink on Canvas
June 2014

Which brings me to the words I share today and the relief in finding the answer to a lifetime unanswered question as I embrace my latest project.   On a Monday morning after a late night event of working a dear friend sent me into a place I resisted.  Without regard to my very grouchy/bitchy (let’s be honest)  “No!” he declared I must go and nourish myself and prepare for that evenings work.  I was  revealing my work on the  largest platform to date and he wisely reminded me to be in the spirit which I create.  Finally at his expense, emotionally and financially,  I found myself being enveloped in wellness at the Ritz Spa In Dallas.  Being quiet and allowing my energy to return.  In those serene moments of that Monday morning a knowingness was revealed, the title which encompassed all of who I’ve been, who I AM and what my life work is.  The work I do personally with those I share an intimate story and the work I do out in the world.  I am an Experientialist!  My Artist expression is not known as a realist, cubist, modernist or any other label known in the art world my expression is Experientilism creating experience as a source of knowledge of oneself so others have a new answer of another layer of who they are!  My artist invites your artist to feel itself come alive even if for a moment.  While in that moment together our artist capture a message through a brush stroke that will forever speak a story.  IMG_1882


Recovery Resource Collaboration Project 25 children from local shelters or foster care

In a time when our society has lost the connection to the wisdom the Art World houses.  When art is widely  viewed one-dimensional as performance and for entertainment purpose.  A subject in school we can disregard when funding is directed elsewhere (we have really BIG football stadiums in Texas) (just a notice).  Being an Experientialist my artistic expression is to create a platform for others to create a new mental construct (plant a seed) for which if nurtured will expand.   What we sew we grow!   To look into dynamic conversations of the psyche of our culture while  exploring and building an art project.  Which captures our current story to be observed and shared for future generations housed in an object of beauty.  For those who share my intimate world you know my Experientialism is a way and the thread which weaves throughout all aspects of my life.   Visitors into my world find its the culture of my home how I cook in my kitchen (usually without a recipe), how I style my wardrobe, a combination of the neighbors estate sale finds with trappings from a trip to Neiman Marcus,  or weekly trip to the farmers market buying the food directly from the source so I can hear the story of how my food was built!  It’s my Kale cookies to which I’m on batch 12 in the first 20 days of summer perfecting every last ingredient to capture a version of cookies to be healthy and delicious!   IMG_8553 It’s a movement, it’s a culture,  it’s how I breathe life into this moment and it’s how I share myself and my life work with you.  It’s the invitation I share to you the gift of a new mental construct today.  To open up another way to feel life to experience Joy to share your love and pass on the invitation to all those who you reach.  I can imagine someday we’ll all be creating the same experience of Peace!  Give yourself a new experience today little seeds planted grow into big Oak trees! Simplicity becomes ones brilliance as I get up everyday and to do great work to plant little seeds.  With final clicks on my keyboard I will press publish as I’m headed back into my studio.  New York is waiting for me to deliver that very piece which started this post!   Chow…

IMG_1852 IMG_1844 IMG_1843 IMG_1914

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Source Your Resource


‘Love” 24×36 Acrylic, Ink on Canvas

Oprah Winfrey said “Create your highest, grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe.”  

I spent the afternoon with a group of Teenagers who attend a special school designed for the children labeled “Ground Zero”,  meaning these kids are already struggling with some form of addiction.  Most of us may reflect on our own growing pains during our teen years as the entrance of hormones, social pressure and the immature ego take center stage.   When one adds a death of a parent or sibling, physical & mental abuse, low self esteem, poverty into the equation which sometimes turns into a child finding relief through drugs and alcohol. A young life no longer focuses on getting the grades to attend college, prom dresses or what to do on Friday night but enters a world they may never find the door out.

Recovery Resource is a local organization with a mission to reduce drug and alcohol abuse and it’s stigma by providing guidance, education and services to children, adults and families.  This amazing organization now dreams of adding therapies through the experience created around Art and Music.

My work found me with 20 high school students who some may say are “unreachable.”  However, when I transform the gymnasium by Popping UP my studio and ask the hardened kids to become artist for the moment something mystical happened with these shadowed souls.  With the direction to paint their story through  expressing 2 emotions,  Fear & Love, these kids worked on the 2 canvas simultaneously while we explored the idea that every resource one needs to change their life story comes from within.  I asked the kids to allow themselves to know their dreams and if by accessing ones imagination life can changes with a clear vision.


“Fear” 24×36 Acrylic on Canvas

Seeing the shell of these children melt away as they expressed themselves with paint and canvas another clear vision was seen as a new dream for Recovery Resource. The Dream to raise the funds to produce a regular curriculum where we can reclaim our troubled youth was launched.   If you feel it aligns with what matters to you to be apart of telling this story every $500 pledge touches 20 children lives and will  produce a 24×36 original piece of art that will be your gift for your consideration.  I’m excited to partner with such an amazing organization and if you would like to get involved in the early stages of launching this type of curriculum into local schools become a partner of change for what these kids believe by giving them permission to have the highest grandest vision for themselves!


“L4” This Canvas will be used during Camp on Healthy Choices (Live, Learn, Laugh, Love) Make a charitable contribution of $500 for an original piece of art collaboration project.



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“60 Diamonds” Revealed at RCC


"60 Diamonds"  36x48 Acrylic & Ink on Cavas 60+ Artist & Brandi C. April 2014

“60 Diamonds”
Acrylic & Ink on Cavas
60+ Artist & Brandi C.
April 2014

PoP UP Studio found itself at Ridglea Country Club capturing the spirit and story of a Fort Worth Tradition.  The painting “60 Diamonds” captured symbols from current club members who help tell the visual story of why country clubs are bigger than it’s amenities or famous desserts.  These clubs live to house community, build relationships and be the platform for members and their guests to come together and celebrate sharing life.

IMG_8252 IMG_8254 IMG_8362 IMG_8255 IMG_8256

Ridglea is celebrating 60 years of being the home where memories are made.  As I looked out of my temporary studio for the night,  I glance at the very pool my own daughter learned to swim, where she courageously jumped off the diving board into the deep waters and felt her first feelings of victory over fear.

This night in April was a celebration, as the band sang, people danced, spirits poured and viewers became the artist for the moment to capture the meaning of membership, group, family and community.  As the night unfolded “60 Diamonds” was revealed and so too it’s new ownerIMG_8361.  By evenings end a live auction announced a winner of who would house our story for another 60 years.

With all Pop UP Studio experiences  the evening is only one part of the entire process.   My work as an artist is added in the quiet spaces of my studio as I finalize and bring the individual stories together as a fluid tale.



Mr. Scott finds his brush strokes as an artist and now the owner of “60 Diamonds”

IMG_8257 IMG_8340 IMG_8341 IMG_8343

Thank you to all those who collaborated in “60 Diamonds”, sharing your creativity as you entered the studio and generously shared a piece of your story with me.

Where will Pop UP Studio be next…….maybe you have a group or organization who would like to capture a visual story.  Yes we are booking weddings too.





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The Inspiration Beneath My Wings


A Wish With Wings 2014 children’s Table Auction May 2nd The Worthington Hotel


Bids on this table can be made by replying to this post until 5pm May 1st. or contact me direct. Brandi C.

IMG_0581 IMG_0579 IMG_0578 IMG_0577

Recently I was commissioned by Fort Worth’s A Wish With Wings organization to Pop Up Studio in the parking lot of their headquarters.  Objective to create a collaboration piece with the 9 2014 wish children (children with life threatening disease) to be auctioned off at the annual A Wish With Wings fundraising event.  Which also gave me the opportunity to share my message to these children and their parents  the magic creativity and imagination can be in the healing process for the child AND their loved ones.

IMG_8223As in every project I enter the Pop UP Studio collaboration process in a state of openness allowing the piece to reveal itself as I explore the viewers and invite them to paint with me and become the artist of the moment.  I focus on getting brushes in the hands of others and allow my artist to be the inspiration and guide letting my personal technique to stay at bay.  I save myself for the detail work of finalizing the piece in the private spaces of my studio and allow these artist to define the direction of the piece. IMG_8224

However, this group revealed more to me than this beautiful piece of art painted on the foundation of a children’s wooden picnic table.   I found the tables turned as these children, who are in a fight for their very life, walked and rolled (in wheelchairs) into my studio (oxygen tanks in tow) with their own inspiration, love and joy to share with me.  How I could write at length of this 2 hour process became lifelong inspiration that continues to grow inside of me.


Brandon & his Amazing Parents work on his individual piece which will be auctioned at this years event.

My own wings, the ones that forced me out of my cocoon found lift from these precious angels.  I take the time to share about my connection with the amazing Soul called Brandon.  A Quadriplegic from birth who rolled in the studio with a presence I’ve rarely experienced in my life.  His only control through the movement of his eyes, Brandon allows his beingness to be the guide which others may connect with him.  Without language he was able to pick his favorite color of blue, his joy told me he preferred painting with his fingers over the paint brush.  He invited me to paint with him and gave me a gift I will forever treasure.  When the amazing women who run this organization asked if Brandon would be able to participate I answered, how I’ve become accustomed in the past year as my work is constantly revealing itself in new way, YES!  I knew through my openness that Brandon and I would figure it out together and we did.  Collaboration was redefined in the moment I met Brandon.  He showed me that truly an act of service is when 2 souls become one and together when each brings their strength and opens their wings fully with the other both souls fly higher.  Wish with Wings Wish Kids 2014-16


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